Byte Growth?

Hey Byters! I hope you’re all having a great day today :slight_smile: I just wanted to run a quick poll to see how you all are feeling about Byte so far!
1.)Do you see Byte growing into a trending/popular app in the near future?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hard to tell


Wishful thinking intensifies :slight_smile:


Here let me rub my crystal balls aka @FaizalDawx

I think it’s far too early to tell. Let’s put it this way - there is definitely opportunity for Byte to blow up big depending on how the Byte Gang play it (as well as a lot of external factors e.g. Zoom getting it’s ass banned, sound familiar?), though we all know it’s an uphill battle. I for one see what their business strategy, and it looks solid.

Curb your expectations, but have high hopes. I have very high hopes for this app. It’s everything I wanted ever since I started out on social media. All I personally want are looping videos and great discoverability (Your Mix) as both a viewer and a creator, so I am rooting for this app! :heart_eyes:


I know it’s still early with the first batch of Byte Partners just picked! I hope this app has steady growth instead of an insane BOOM in popularity. Thank you for your insight :slight_smile:


Okay…here I go.

The app is still new. It’s what, 4 months old. THE APP IS STILL NEW. I know we all want Byte to do well but to force it is gonna make it go down the drain. The app needs time, it needs more developing, more creators, more creativity. It’s still in its earliest stages. Give it a year, I’m sure Byte will exceed new heights and expectations.

While we’re on the topic of Byte being in its earliest stages, let’s talk about SOME of the creators here. STOP TRYING TO FORCE YOUR WAY TO THE TOP! STOP TRYING TO MAKE YOURSELF AND YOUR CONTENT WHAT ITS NOT! People are going to love you for the genuine, creative content you post and audiences can tell whether you’re being genuine or not.

I know the app doesn’t have a lot of various and different content on here (most of us are “comedians”) and that’s why we have a job to get the word of Byte out there. Try and recruit as many people as possible. Get more variety in our community. That’s why the app still needs time. If things were to be the same a year later then no the app will not get popular, but I’m 1000% sure that’s not going to be the case.

We all just need to be patient and to focus on what we do best and create content. Dom and all of the other people on his side have a plan and we need to TRUST them.

I’m sorry for the rant. This definitely isn’t an attack towards you @StevenJonas. This is just a general rant to EVERYONE on this app.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day :sweat_smile::yellow_heart:


I would like to see more followers and hashtags to boost more attention to this app.


100% agree, even if you have followers, its tough to do bigger numbers unless people rebyte your content.


yikes that was pretty energized :eyes: !
I agree that the app is young and it needs time to develop, but its never too early to speculate on the future of something. :slight_smile:

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I’ll settle for people mildly liking my content :joy:


I keep saying this and if it wasn’t such a big starter of fights and toxicity, I would directly @ some people. I just want to have the feelings I had back on 2015 with my favorite app, but too many clout chasers and “I’m here to be byte famous” people are keeping that potential away.


Yes but it needs work, luckily we have a damn super genius working on and a dope community! I think these forum posts will be how we get there!


I think it’s such a hot button topic with people because certain people think they are 100% right about everything and live in a bubble. Just to clarify, my poll question wasn’t about clout, it was just to see how other see the future of the app that’s all!! Happy Byting :slight_smile:


I absolutely believe this app will be mainstream in the future. But I also think it will take a lot longer than people realize.


Most underrated comment ever.

The reality is… this will probably take a year or two.


I think it will be big it will take some time but it will get there


I hope so! Not for the numbers but for the content :dark_sunglasses:


No doubt, it’ll just take time

Once they’re ready to advertise across social media, that’s probably when it’ll take off. :slight_smile:


If and when the day comes, we’ll be the experts around here :dark_sunglasses: :laughing:


I knew I’d be an expert at something one day