Byte Group Hug

Hi, how are you? It was a rough day on here. Some stuff was said out of anger, which is really just fear in disguise. Fear that something will change and be/not be like:
A. You want it
B. You think it should be
C. The way it used to be, which is an illusion because the past is no more.
D. All that shit

The world is on fire and for many this app is a respite from the madness. It is for me. And like it or not we have to share the space with each other. Most of the time, that’s amazing. But sometimes, it’s frustrating. Words fly, personalities collide, heads butt, etc. This is a great place to commiserate, but it’s not perfect and things get lost in translation.

One day, you will die and you’ll have spent one day of your precious life arguing about someone named Moop…or something else equally inconsequential.

I would encourage you to use this thread to sincerely reach out to someone you may have clashed with in some way today/this week/month/year and smooth things over. Like St. Francis says, it’s better to forgive than to be forgiven.

Or if you’re not ready and that is too intense, let somebody know you love and appreciate them. St. Francis also says, it’s better to love than to be loved.

Don’t hold on so tightly. Life is too short to be small.




Ye ty Onkel for making this. Honestly it’s been a shitty two days for me now and people misinterpreting things and talking badly about the mods when we, especially myself, has been dealing with so many other mod and non mod related things behind the scenes so like yea, this just really sucked. Literal bomb today and yesterday, but I wanna say to @The_Ginger and anyone else on the other side of the argument that I have no hard feelings and I hope we can move on from this and be better cuz like damn it really was a bad day for the community. All this really did make me feel hella discouraged from the community so pls, I know easier said then done, but let’s have a byte group hug and try to move on from that mess


@cark sorry I’ve been so confusing over the past few weeks and all those times before. I genuinely think you’re amazing and I don’t want to just hinder your life and still be called a friend. Don’t worry, it’s not beating myself up, I just want to be better and true. Ik you’re probably not mad, maybe more fed up or just unable to deal if anything, and it’s ok. We’ll be ok.


@gwynerso I appreciate you so much.


I just wanna say whatever happens u guys are like family to me each and everyone one of you guys here and I am so thankful for everyone of you guys! You don’t know how much you guys have impacted me so much!


Giant hugs to all you byters that are passionate about this space! I love how much you all care so much about this community. That’s what all these glowy words on a screen represent. A true desire for love, connect, and community—and that deserves a big ol’ HUG!


I love a lot of people… It’s my nature to support and help people many of you know that… But there have been certain people I have met through Byte and they were there for me on and off of Byte, when my life got really bad… @anon37818165 @Drrhondafail @DaLilithVampByter @Adrioxas @marlinsmash @ceduh … If I missed someone sorry but I can’t think right now… Nothing but love to My Wildcats!!


Duuuuude! You know I’ll always have your back and same for all my wildcats. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


I am beyond happy to have you in my life buddy and vivaciously happy to have Wildcats in my life too. Always here for you. Thank you for sharing your life with us and for including me. :sparkling_heart::slight_smile::sparkling_heart:

It feels really good to have such an amazing group of folks on Byte. I’m very proud to say how much I love this community and how I love each and everyone of you Wildcats :slight_smile:

I just want to give you ginormous hug and pitch your cheeks, you are sooo cuuuute :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: hahaha :yum:(washing my hands for 20 seconds and without social distancing restrictions blah blah blah lolol)


Aaaahahaha Itz my favz!! :sparkling_heart::tiger::sparkling_heart:


Y’all know then I say/txt " :sparkling_heart: _ :sparkling_heart: " I am surrounding you with love :blush::grin: my face is literally doing :grin: this


Thank you for making this @onkelchrispy!! I just wanted to put out there that I have no hard feelings for anyone that has been posting on these forums.

I know that sometimes my ideas can clash with other ppls ideas, but at the end of the day everyone should have the right to say what they think is best (especially if they only are speaking out of love and good intentions for the app).

It’s ok to disagree and discuss those disagreements in a civil manner, but I’m hoping that we can all just look past these conversations and not take them to heart. My intentions are never to hurt anyone on here :heart: :pray: :heart:.

Life is honestly way too short to hate someone just because of a disagreement that you had in a forum.


Thank you!

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I would like to hug @Jaurshe because he’s an absolute doll.


Why y’all gotta make a man cry?

Hugs back to you Gwyn - you are awesome. :purple_heart:


Yes he is! And you’re amazing too!!


…this means group hug time!


My goodness I love you all. :hugs:


I think it’s healthy to argue In the forums as long as we reach a conclusion. We all share this space and have a right to share our opinions and speak from our hearts on certain issues and gain new perspectives.

The pendulum swings until it find its way in the center.