Byte from an outsiders prospective

I’ve recently been asking mutuals, popular tiktokers, and other friends why they didn’t like byte or why they haven’t been using it, some users were in the beta, some weren’t.

All of their responses were similar.

Engagement groups, Rebyte for rebyte, follow for follow.

These things plague byte.
I’m gonna be honest (random person) you aren’t growing on byte because people don’t enjoy your content!

Social media works as fair as possible, people will like and follow if you are entertaining or a many of other reasons.

I hate being blunt, but you need to realize that if something doesn’t work. Maybe try a new approach.

Ask your self, why do you follow someone?
Because you like their content of course!

So if you aren’t getting the numbers you so desperately need apparently (another topic for another time) then maybe you need to reevaluate.

Of course byte is small right now in the amount of active users. Overtime it will grow but that doesn’t change much.

Also, just have fun.
The moment you care about the numbers, and you aren’t having fun. You lost the game