Byte for Web (Unofficial) - Explore, watch, and share bytes on the web

Hi byte fam,

As you might have already seen, I have launched an unofficial web app for byte:

I was excited to see that byte launched last week but after using the app I realized that certain features that we’re used to having such as getting a direct link to a post so you can share it on social media doesn’t exist in byte yet. Currently you can export your byte video but it will just generate an mp4 file for you to share, so there’s no way to get a link and share it. The day after the public launch of byte I set out to create an experience that will allow people to easily share and discover bytes so I reverse engineered the APIs used in their mobile apps and created an unofficial web app.

Now, this is an unofficial port of byte’s mobile apps, so there is a possibility that byte might take action to have this removed, but for now I hope everyone enjoys exploring bytes and I appreciate any feedback, thanks!

:clapper:Explore bytes from various categories and sort by trending or recent
:mag:Search for users
:speech_balloon:Read comments and view who liked the byte
:link:Share posts and profiles on social media via link

  • The web app is mobile responsive but the UX isn’t as good as the mobile apps so I would recommend viewing in on your computer to get the best experience.

Here’s some links to get started:
:link: dom’s account:
:link: Comedy category:
:link: “the lights are on” - first post that new users see:

The project is open source on GitHub:

@dom Amazing work on byte, feel free to use my code to make an official web app :slight_smile:


Amazing work. Thanks for taking your time to make this. I love how I can use share links now.

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Thank you! I saw a lot of people on byte wishing they could share their bytes so I thought I would help ease that pain point for users and help out byte’s growth especially since they are competing with apps like TikTok.

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Hi @CaliAlec and @corwin, our API is private, so would appreciate it if you removed any conversation in the original post and the comments specifically about implementation details. I’m aware there’s conversation and documentation going on in other places but it’s not something we can officially condone at the moment. :slight_smile:

Also, nice work :wink:


As per Dom’s announcement, please don’t discuss further about my unofficial web app.

noted, thanks. I’ve deleted my post earlier.