Byte For Dummies

In light of the beta release getting closer I decided to bring back a familiar topic with a bit of an update alongside @cark

We know this looks like the rules, guidelines and FAQ, but this is the basics that are not in there or are more simplified for the average reader and for newcomers if they have missed out!

Hey, welcome to the byte forums! If you are new and need to catch up here is some of the info we have gathered about byte and the forums let me show you around!

Things to know about byte (information from @dom, @cami_p and @michael)

  • It is called byte and not the name that must be unspoken “v*ne 2”
  • Videos will be between 2 and 6.5 seconds
  • There will be monetization
  • Dark mode is default
  • Loop/follower counts can be made private
  • No live streams
  • Multiple accounts will be allowed
  • Usernames are limited to 20 characters
  • Teams will allow users to collaborate on one page
  • You can upload from your camera roll (yay editors)
  • Full screen videos and square
  • Gender pronouns as top level profile feature
  • Preloaded thumbnails on videos
  • Camera flipping while recording
  • No current release date
  • No current reservations for usernames
  • Camera zoom will be a feature
  • Slow-mo will be a feature
  • Hands free mode will be a feature
  • Reposts will be called boosts
  • The app icon will be customisable
  • There will be an offline mode

Things to know about beta

  • Tests run for 48 hours and are then closed.
  • Videos do not currently carry over between tests
  • Usernames do not carry over
  • Once you have the beta you’re invited to all future tests
  • Testers can’t talk about what they see on the app
  • Beta signups were in October and December
  • Signing up to the creator program does not give you access to the beta
  • 120 people were invited to test 1
  • The number of users doubles each test
  • Invites are sent via email
  • Asking for invites will not work
  • Tests are not scheduled, they are released when previous bugs are fixed
  • There are currently no profiles on beta
  • Doms friends and family are in a separate environment of beta
  • Beta selection is random from the signup threads
  • Wave 2 signups will be included in test 3
  • Beta is on android and ios
  • Testflight is used to download beta on ios

Things to know about the forums

  • We are called Artists/Creators
  • There are 8 categories, check them out by clicking the three bars in the top right corner Categories
  • Replies need to be at least 8 characters long, and topics need to be at least 20
  • To get your license you need to do the advanced tutorial with Discobot
  • Trust levels are earned by being an active participating forum member
  • You may get flagged or deleted if you have posted something already posted or for foul language
  • You can only post 5 topics each day and depending on your trust level you can only post and like a certain amount of times
  • Respect the Moderators and Experts, they try their hardest to keep this running smoothly
  • Search before creating a topic to avoid duplicates
  • Select the most appropriate category before posting a topic

Official Socials

:twitter: dom

:twitter: byte

:twitter: michael

Community Socials

:speech_balloon: Community Discord

:twitter: Community Twitter

:youtube: Community YouTube

:instagram: Community Instagram

Daniel & Super!


Dylan and I had a lot of fun making this post, and we hope that it is useful for both newcomers to the forum and people who have been around for some time. We condensed a lot of the information that can be found across the forum as well as other platforms, and put it into one place to make it much easier for everyone to stay updated.

The byte community discord server has become a large part of the community, and holds a majority of the active users. We highly encourage anyone who wants to keep updated to join the discord, we occasionally hear from dom and other staff members.

The server is a welcoming place for anyone who wants to be more involved in the community, and does not allow any NSFW content, or slurs of any kind.

Things that didn’t quite make it into the main post

  • There will not be duets
  • Ghost mode will be a feature
  • Pinch to zoom as well as slide to zoom
  • Assisted scrolling will be a feature
  • There will be an undo button
  • There will not be filters
  • Uncredited/stolen videos can be reported
  • Usernames can only have A-Z, 0-9, periods, underscores and tildes. No spaces.
  • Beta will at some point have friend invites
  • Seasonal features will exist, so far we know of ‘blasts’

Last updated 7th of May 2019.


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