Byte financial maintenance

How will byte maintain itself financially? Cost of servers, hosting, traffic, storage, maintenance, etc…? Will it be ad supported like how the other social platforms has sponsored ads that show in feeds between user posts? If it takes off I can imagine the overhead. Wouldn’t want to create and upload a lot just to have it all lost because the platform doesn’t have financial support. In other words, how will it avoid the conditions that caused the downfall of vine?


most likely it will be sponsored somehow. but thats just my speculation.

It might have a few ads on it like instagram but who knows, but if it is a problem on the app then it will be a short term problem and when the app grows and byters really start to grow and get views.

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I hope it models its advertisement system off of Instagram. Instagram does a nice job with it I think. Not too intrusive. I have no idea why vine didn’t do something like this.


Maybe you’ll be able to support your favorite creators by donating?.. or maybe it’ll just be like instagram

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There are topics already on monerization and how it’s going to work, so just press da magnifying glass if you still have questions!

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Pretty much investments

i think if there are going to be ads, it should be how instagram and tumblr do it…being freely to scroll down past it and having an option to turn on sound if you want to view it.

maybe they could be every 10-15 posts or something?