Byte events

What if there were byte events eventually I’m the future like a Vidcon or Old vibe events in the past


what was the camp thing that had viners in it

Camp Unplug

That didn’t happen until the… third year? Vine was well established by then. Don’t expect a Byte-sponsored multicreator collab event like that for quite some time


I know Meet & Greets going to be a thing :upside_down_face:

I’m gonna sell Byte bathwater if that’s okay with everyone

I’m ready for this!

I think especially since we’re in the early/growth stage, the best way we can do this for now would be attaching ourselves onto existing Cons like Vidcon.

Rock a Byte T-shirt at Vidcon!


Or bite into random nearby objects while wearing a Dom Hofmann mask and whipping your hair back and forth


It would be so cool to meet up with all the fellow byters. that would be sick.