Byte easteregg game

I know this is kind of a weird idea, but what if there was a game that could be unlocked once you reached a certain achievement such as 1,000 followers or something. It could be something like the google dinasaur game, but it would be a simple gift for getting to either a certain number of followers or number of times looped. I know this is random, but it was just an idea I had.


That would be lit. I like this idea. It adds a unique and genuine touch to the app which I don’t think many other services have!


inb4 a company sees this post and copies

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sure why not, would give me a bit of motivation to work harder to reach it


this would pretty much be the first social media platform to do such a thing, no other platform awards you for something like your follower count

byte could be unique for that alone lmao


omg this sounds like such a cool and unique idea no one’s done before. dom should deffo consider!

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