Byte dying down?

Hey I know this is normal and it’s part of life but am I the only one noticing that byte likes, engagement, likes and users has dropped drastically since release? Looks like byte hasn’t been able to keep many users on the platform. We’ll see how this plays out, I really love byte and I know that it has only just released but it’s kind of worrying that so many people have left. :flushed: :sparkling_heart:


This is what happens to everything lol, release hype dies down. It’s about how many of the users come back in time as features are added and the app is refined.


Once more updates keep roling out and more internet influencers come on byte… it’ll sky rocket (I hope)


It’s just natural, I’m sure an influx of new users is bound to come. Patience is a virtue


I’ve definitely noticed that. I wonder how much of it are bots though. I feel like once byte becomes more mainstream people will get back on.


It’s barely a week in and already topping a mil downloads. The initial hype is still there, I just don’t think people are on it 100% of the time like the first couple days. It’s the kind of app you can open for a minute or two throughout the day. Byte is fine.


Yea I’m certain the team have expected this and have plans for the future


Byte will top the chart by the end of this year, with the Partners Program and more features coming in, Byte is on a roll!


Thanks man


TikTok took a while to get to where it is now, especially considering the fact that it was for four years before that, reaching 90,000,000 downloads over a 1200+ day period. The thing about and TikTok is that they’re, well, they don’t promote originality – their appeal is that anyone can achieve some level of pseudofame just by lip syncing or doing whatever trendy dance is fun at the time, even if the audience is non-existent after you upload one or two things that are supposedly popular.

Vine (and now Byte, in this case) is something completely unique. It offers and promotes original ideas in order to get popular, and their legends continue to live on. Vine compilations on YouTube, especially after Vine was no longer supported, blew up, and live on half a decade later. They’re legendary. It hasn’t even been two weeks since Byte’s launch – sure, the initial “Omg, Vine is back!!” has died, but, that’s not the point.

Vine had even less creator tools than Byte did at launch, and the team is built from humble beginnings, not created and bought by Chinese megacorporations like TikTok. We’ll grow, slowly but surely. Organic growth, not overhyped growth, is what matters – overhyping things for short amounts of time is what creates disasters like Tanacon and Fyre Festival. Steady, slow, and organic growth is what creates amazing apps like Twitter and Instagram, give or take a few years.

Edit: Also, I’m experiencing the exact opposite of “byte dying down.” If anything, my profile has exploded with growth in the past few days, far from dying. Maybe it could be relative to your profile? Or we’re filtering out more bots, and now we’re just organic users, that could also be a thing.


Yes… I agree it’s too early to call it…

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To whoever thinks that byte is dying


@005 you know because most of them are from tiktok and maybe some Furries ya know it.


I mean those are downloads, not active users.


Is it a fair comparison? More people are using smartphones now than 2012 and there was a hype for byte for two years. I don’t remember how Vine started but I think it wasn’t like this.


Release hype died. It may seem like its just worse from here but the hype shows you how many people are interested in the app. We have to wait for more content to be shown to people and once content gets shared, more people join. Dont forget about ads, if ads start rolling out more people come.


I mean, at the time apps were a new thing and vine was unique. It was basically instagram for video. The hype for byte before it released died a long time ago, everyone thought it wasnt happening. This wasnt a 2 year hype build up. It was hype from one day from two tweets.

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True. but my point was the numbers of Vine downloads might be great for that time or maybe it’s the equivalent of byte numbers at this time.

And as for the announcement hype, I agree, it came then died at first but people had the knowledge that it’s happening and some stayed active in the forums or kept checking for it every once in a while.


everyone else already said it, but yeah, this is just how it goes and is not unusual at all. at this stage it’s all about adding, improving, and communicating on a regular and consistent basis. the rest comes later if we do a good job on that :slight_smile:


hey dom again thank you for the amazing app &
opportunities :grin::pray:t3: just trying to ask 1 quick question. how will the popular / trending tabs work for smaller creators that are getting good engagement but are overshadow by BIG / famous people only “loop groups” and “rebyte groups”? i’m loving the content everyone has so far and i got on the pages the first day, but after that the algorithm seems like it favors those famous only groups :fearful: @dom