Byte Donors

So this idea has been brought up a few times already, but since it was from 2019, I felt as though it needed a new thread of its own!

I personally love Byte! It’s such a good platform and id love to support it much more! An idea I had was similar to YouTube Red / Patreon. We could donate to Byte, and have that directly support creators we watch or byte as a company. Adding a little badge next to our username just like how the partners do as well as beta testers and music makers would be a nice little incentive! I feel like this would be a way for Dom and the company to gain some funds, and for us as users to support what we love!


Allow us to donate to charities directly from byte! Just like how Instagram, Facebook and YouTube let us do it! Adding a little button to donate to BLM, and the whole protests would be such a great addition and for users to add little donate buttons in our bios (shilly blocks)

so there goes!

love yall,


Shilly blocks seem cool. I like the YouTube red idea.

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bumping this cuz like why not ok