Byte Discussion Videos

Byte Name: TheTopicAtHand

Hello everyone! I recently have created an account for discussion videos on Byte. How it works is I make a video with a certain discussion topic and people can put their opinion in the comments section. This can allow for discussion between others.

An example would be below:
What is the most meaningful song to you and why?

I will NOT post any topics that may spark arguments or rude conversation. With that being said, I do take topic suggestions in the comments of each video and will use them if they are appropriate.

Go ahead and check out my Byte page: TheTopicAtHand
I’d greatly appreciate if you’d comment your opinions on my videos and follow me so I can get a bigger following. Thanks


This is an excellent idea!! Can’t wait for the next comment update, it’ll only make it better. Thank you for this!

Thank you for interacting with my account! I was having trouble getting anyone to comment so at least having someone start may encourage others to do so as well!

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