Byte Discord Server!

Very basic, very chill. Just vibe with me! There’s a channel that you can get advertised on (for free) and a channel to report those annoying people who bot comments, looking for clout and attention! Join now!

Sounds great man! My byte is @domwhoisthebomb and my discord name is Dom_The_Bomb can’t wait to make new friends!


There is a basically official one, I really like how you can ask questions there and get answers from staff. They even have a bot that allows you to link your discord profile to your Byte account, and you can look up nicknames to find out if they are linked and, if they are, to whom. Definitely check it out :heh:


it’s community ran, so it’s not official. but it’s the closest one to it! it’s like unofficially offical :joy:


Nice catch, post updated!
:heh: :grin: :blep:

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Checked out bit i cant write
I think its because i just downloaded this app for the first time :joy:

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Have you read #server-rules tho?

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Sure and if i try to push :heavy_check_mark: it count me for a second and dismiss… :sweat_smile:
And if i wait 10 minutes i just get kicked :joy:

Edit: it says:
channel verification is too high :sweat_smile:

YOOO! I’m trying to join, but can’t get in. My discord is SamsonBlay

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I keep getting kicked from the server before my 10 minutes is even up help me🥺

Hello, and welcome! I haven’t been around anything byte related since February, but I’m certain somebody will help you, from what I can remember byte people are really nice in general.

Do keep in mind tho, that in comparison to publishers/social media who demand to know your real identity before you can even join, discord is a very accessible platform, thus people care less about being banned. Of course anything is better than an echo chamber, as long as you can keep your cool.

By the way, among Seneca’s Letters the 7th one is especially great, I recommend everyone to read it, before they are forced to look back at years spent in an online community. My best wishes.

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I ended up getting help, thank you