Byte (Desktop mode)

Hi. I noticed that if I visit my byte page on Google Chrome (, I can view my videos but here are some problems:

  1. Each video takes a rather long time to load.
  2. The video has no playback controls (Pause, Play, etc).
  3. The video starts on mute
  4. The “Likes” are not displayed.

The reason why 2 and 3 is a problem is because, when the video starts playing, it plays on “mute”. By the time the user click the video to “unmute” it, a portion of the video would have passed and this spoils any build up to jokes and stuff.
Due to the absence of the playback controls, there is no way to pause and restart the video either.

I know the Desktop version is not a priority since the app is designed for the mobile but it would be nice to see some of these features for those who don’t have their phones with them.

Suggestion: I think if a commenting feature was enabled, this would allow more comments to be made by users as it is much easier typing on a keyboard rather than on a screen.

Oh, and did I mention that I love byte? :heart:


I’ve never tried the desktop version, but yeah seems like the priority is not there right now though.

Sure we’ll get there sometime though! :slight_smile:


keep in mind that you will experience loading issues because they updated the time frame of bytes from 8.5 to 16.5. On top of that the web interface is taking more bandwidth to run that the team probably doesn’t have to offer and on top of that many quarantine users are using that band with too. Rn the focus is on the app but even the app is having issues with loading the new time framed bytes too.

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I see. No wonder the app slows down on my phone as well. Like the videos take time to load - it’s because of quarantine :mask:

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The desktop version is a weird little monster. As far as I understand it, the loops you give from desktop don’t register, and that’s also why there are no likes or comments. In my mind I see it as a way to watch the content in an isolated way.

Right now the app needs A LOT of things and improvements that are way more important than a browser version IMHO


RIght. It’s just that someone asked me for a link to byte. So I sent them my link but noticed that what they’d see on the desktop version was pretty basic. Better than nothing though.
I feel like the desktop version would make for a good “portfolio” as well. Something we could sent to talent agents and whatnot.

Well if they open the link from their phones it opens with the app if they have it, I think. I don’t know if it also prompts to download the app like the instagram or reddit links

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