Byte death

Hey guys first off thanks for reading this! I’ve been seeing people in general saying “oh bytes dead.” The app is 3 weeks out for the public. As well everything comes to in end for instance byte just came out an it’s gonna blow up. Slow and steady wins the race. Plus not many people don’t know about the app really. I’ve told some friends an they where like “yeah right.” And now they have the app an are genuinely enjoying the app. The byte staff knows exactly what their doing. Their not building a App that will be popular for a year. Their building a company/ app that will last a decade or even longer. And enjoy it. We’ve all be here since either. 3 weeks ago, a day, a min, and or even the beta. Just keep spreading the word an having fun creating content because you love to create content an to make someone’s bad day into a good day. :slight_smile: other than that let’s get this bread!


”Byte is dead” is becoming too repetitive; I can’t with people, I’m doing this for a passion/hobby success or flop I’ll be here grinding. Few are just waiting for that spotlight and shine; some don’t understand what it takes for app to be on the map. If you want the app to pop off ASAP do your part and cross-promote :man_shrugging:t4:


It SUPER ANNOYING! When people say “byte is dead” i get super annoyed because apps like twitter, Instagram, snapchat and tiktok didn’t just erupt into popularity right when it was released like it took time. I mean if we are thinking about it vine took time as well. I also seen people say that they are leaving the app because the app is dead and such like if you truly enjoyed byte or the apps platform you would want to be there through it all. The hype, the ugly and between. But thats enough of me ranting about it cause this post would be longer…


Byte has just began


How many downloads has byte had so far has it passed 2m yet


preach :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Man it’s crazy people have been saying byte is dead for so long. This was posted right around when I first started byte I think lol


The only thing that’s been dead are my uploads…I used to upload everyday but had to deal with some personal business stuff and got sidetracked for a little. I think everyone has been busy the past few weeks. But it’s time for me to crank those gears again :smiley:

the numbers disappear when you put your phone down anyways.
what validation are numbers supposed to give in that sense?
just make shit, because that impact exceeds whatever numbers may be attached to it.

tl;dr, they just numbers yo. shit dont matter


People have been saying ‘its dead’ because they don’t get that instant gratification and validation with views and likes, like in other apps when they post. :woman_shrugging:t3: it be like that sometimes


Bytes‘ quiet, but the forum seems busy… Any see this?


Ya Because ppl wanna complain and not use the app Because there’s not enough likes or follows to satisfy them. But they stay here on the forums to check if dom or the byte team will drop a new update or anything to feed their clout chasing hunger.


Get off the forums. Make something. If your worried about your numbers, make a side acct.
@horndizz says it best


I was just trying to point out the fact people have been saying “it’s dead” since day one and it’s kind of a broken record at this point lol


Saw this one from @nina today. :clap::clap::clap:


I do kinda get tired of hearing that too. I am just ready for byte to start advertising. Nobody I talk to even knows it exists. I know the byte team wants everything to be perfect before they do but no app is ever going to be perfect.

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@Beegenics you are right . People have been saying that since day one. It is like some people want it to flop even before they got on here.

The “Byte is dead” is a tactic to get more attention/views. Some of us enjoy this app and get upset when such statements are made. It is similar to individuals who have stated that no one is funny on Byte. They got a lot of attention and even had a hashtag dedicated against the individual. This is no different from individuals in the media using negativity to stir up viewers.
Byte is a fledgling app, it only has room to grow.