Byte culture pre tiktok invasion

For the OG buyers: So what did y’all do? What was most of the popular content like? Are you into video editing outside of this app? Are you guys friends outside of the app? What was the culture like? How long did you spend on the app? Did you care about the mix page? Do all the creators know each other? I’m curious

I ran a pet account on tiktok but was interested in different content- political, random, funny by chance, music, conspiracy theories, nothing really sketched and staged.


Popular content back when TikTok people were not emigrating to Byte was like traditional vines but with new faces


lmao oh okkk

Vine died TikTok rules the world now

no hate this was the least informative answer lmao


@Oneori basically what vine was but with new people and new/old styles.

Even though vine was the app for vkever joked and video editing, the byte app in early stages mostly aimed for creativity more than fun, like Vine but focusing more on visuales and randomness


I love the new people here srsly :sparkles: but if it is not much to ask, I would like it if you don’t force the Tik Tok culture so abruptely into our house which was supposed to be more like a Vine 2 from the beggining. Again, do not take me wrong, I just don’t want our only chance of hapiness being taken away from us, this is our only way to cope w Vine’s death u.u​:purple_heart:


imo with the byte and vine tiktok thing, two things are never the same n u wont be able to bring back the vine culture as sad as it is

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Yes I am aware of that ;-; we only wanted to make something alike but more modern and visual. I only said this because of people saying Tik Tok owns the app now or that Byte must be the new Tik Tok, stuff like that.

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yeah its fine i was just saying in general

This is beautiful

Note: This is just my experience.

Post anything that we can come up with in Vine’s 6.5 seconds loops format… that became 8 seconds then became 16 seconds. It doesn’t feel like you have to be in a box on here. I’ve seen some of the most unexpected and amazing collabs on here too.

Sketch comedy and absurd stuff (there’s a most looped bytes thread on here where you can see what I mean)

Personally, I didn’t mind. Most of the content I posted didn’t need editing and when I did edit, it was pretty fun.

I only did edits when the memes channel became a thing (before /memes).

Some people are. We’re a family. #bytefam

I think you can already get a sense of how things are since we welcomed you all with open arms. :3

While launch was a bit crazy, from what I’ve experienced before the beta and after the launch hype died down, it’s nice, supportive and chill. Maybe too nice at times though. (However this was addressed a few months ago.)

If there’s a problem in the community, we take it on together. There are disagreements but we just move on. No need for drama here.

I have over 140k loops watched so I’d say a lot.


A lot of the OGs are on the forums and the community Discord.


invite me to the discord pls

There was this really nice vibe we had going on. While not everything hit, we could appreciate that bytes were mostly original, creative or presented in a new way. It’s not vine, it’s byte culture.

I think the TikTok culture can fit right in tbh. It’s going to take a while for everyone to adjust.

But you can understand why some of the OGs are scared of the sounds feature though right?


I‘ve heard that the mods have a gc in discord but they won’t invite me :pouting_cat::pouting_cat:

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Thankss :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

I totally agree with you there you can try to replicate things but it’s never gonna be 100% the same but um that being said if TikTok leaves… are people gonna keep saying they’re “alt byte”? Like the whole point of being alt TikTok is going against the grain for what’s being forced to us as “mainstream” and like I’d say totally boycotting TikTok is pretty against the grain I’d say lmao

(Also I plan on making a thread later today about how the whole Vine vs.TikTok thing is kinda pointless and stupid so watch out for the lolol)


Okay so I’m not the OG-est person out there (I wasnt part of the first 905 on the forums, everything else I’ve been in the very first round of, including throw away beta tests)

That being said I’ve been here a while. Most commonly, it was a pretty sizable chunk of 18-30 year old creators, but after the first few rounds of beta, we all dont know eachother but most of the creators who have been around for a bit are recognizable. I know I’m mutuals with a lot.

It’s sort of like a huge highschool in a populated town where a lot of people move in and out. I can see a lot of faces and recognize them but I dont talk to them every day. But as more and more people joined and join, it’s less and less likely to see people who arent in the video niche I like, so people I knew-of but didnt mutual for whatever reason, I see less of.

Some people were much more involved, there were lots of friend groups of people doing meet ups, wanting to physically collaborate as well as digitally collabing (this actually got quite popular, collabing via distance in the form of skit comedy. We would DM eachother an idea to collab on, and edit together our pieces and post on one account. Not as easy as tiktok but more friendly and personable for sure!!)

There were the few close knit groups, whichost are still friends now, but the forums have slowly gone from a chat room of a few people to being almost impossible to keep up with. So those groups are still friends, but it’s less of the “oh heres the popular byte kids” because theres more and more “popular byte kids”

Some of those OG crowd even went out and got tattoos, thankfully they havent changed the logo too much.

I used to read basically every form post, and havent been able to the last few days :sweat_smile:

I’ll sign off with the fact it was BULLSHIT that @dom didnt have a #teamblurple, after EVERYTHING we went through, I am disgusted.


I can barely read