Byte crashing (Android)

I just got the recent update for the beta version for Byte and everytime I open the app on Android, the app immediately stops and crashes.

I’m using an Galaxy S10+, btw.

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I have the same issue on Android 10

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Yup now I can’t even open the app🧍🏻

thanks for reporting it. we’ll take a look at this. in the mean time your best option is to revert to an older version


version 1.2.30 should fix this



Same with me… Aristo 2

I’m having the same issue. Not sure how to revert to an older version on Android.

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Is it legal if I link the apk so y’all can downgrade?

Byte is also crashing on me, and I just updated the app. I’m using Android 10.

Idk if this is allowed or not but you can downgrade here, just uninstall and install this with the apk mirror package installer. It worked for me

Version 1.2.30 should be available now; please let us know if, after updating to that version, you still get crashes—thanks!


It doesn’t crash anymore so I think it’s fixed😃

Working for me! :muscle:Strong work :slight_smile:

Byte is working for me now! :grin:

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Byte postes are suuuuper laggy… 4G is working. I did Airplane mode, turned on and off 4G. Laggy in “Followers feed” and when I go to their Channel