Byte Crash Course for New Users

A lot of people are creating topics with a bunch of requests for information that is out there if you just search for it. I am creating this as an overview and an update for the topic created by @super a while ago.

The following list is a list of the confirmed features and information about byte.

  • Videos will be 6.5 seconds
  • Videos can be no less than 2 seconds
  • You can upload from your camera roll
  • Custom gender pronouns as top level profile feature
  • Preloaded thumbnails on videos
  • Camera flipping while recording
  • No current release date or beta
  • No current reservations for usernames
  • There are many fake twitter accounts but the official byte accounts are :twitter:dom and :twitter:@byte_app
  • The only Instagram account is :instagram:@byte_app
  • The only official websites are the forums (which you are currently on) and Any other social links other than the ones listed on that website are NOT official.
  • The only official chat is this one on Discord ->

About the Forums:

  • To get the certified badge you need to do the tutorial with Discobot
  • You may get flagged or deleted if you have posted something already posted or for foul language
  • You can only post 5 topics each day and depending on your level you can only post and like a certain amount of times
  • Respect the Moderators and Experts they try their hardest to keep this running smoothly

If there is anything missing just let me know and I’ll add it to the topic.

Hopefully this is helpful to all the new people who have questions.

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I was just thinking how useful one these would be. Very nice.


Will there be username reservations though soon?

Don’t think there will be some at all dog
Just think it’ll be a get in the beta and get your username type thing

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You could also talk about the discord in the “About the Forums” section. Also what the creators are called isn’t specified, so removing the “we are called byters” would be good.

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Not sure if we are still called Artists as Dom had said before Trager than Byters and the pre-loaded thumbnail as far as I’m aware was just a discussion the Discord community had rather than Dom saying it would be a feature. Also “teams” might be a feature.


Added Discord and removed the part about byters

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When you download the app and create an account that will be when you get your username

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I thought he said that we’re whatever we call ourselves


@Insyde Nobody will be getting their usernames at beta everyone will get usernames when the app officially launches on the app store

Dom said whatever the community chooses and whatever we call ourselves and catches on will be what sticks

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Lol I forgot about that even though I posted on it 2 days ago :joy:

Wait so how will we be on the beta without usernames?

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What is one box?

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When you reply with a link that expands to a Summary Card. You can see/click which link users have replied with here to see how looks so the badge is awarded.

Allowing to choose dark theme

So it will not be our normal user names when in beta

Do you have a link to where Dom / the byte team says this?

I do recall him saying WAY BACK that whatever followers we receive during beta, will transfer into the release of the full app.

To Kaden’s “uh?”, Dylan’s OG post does need updated. I appreciate this post for that reason.


so when people post videos on the beta will it go over to the full app once you download it