Byte comp. album?!?

okay i know i keep boasting abt my company (which is relaunching tmrw click here to learn more) but we do compilation albums and it would be really cool if byte musicians could like enter and have their songs featured on a byte compilation album and it could be like monthly or something that is so fucking cool

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Ok, I don’t know what screams unprofessional more than ads on a business website. I’m sorry, but that’s going to be a serious turnoff. Not to mention the WordPress branding and the non TLD domain.

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but you might want to get hosting and a custom domain if you want people to take you seriously.


we’re a year in, trying to get our shit together. plus we’re a small team. thanks for tearing me down

I feel like this should be in promotion since most of your post is talking about you company.


call me out

Not trying to tear down, helping you out. Constructive criticism if you will.

Trust me, I’ve been there done that. You get taken way more professionally serious if you make a clean website on your own server and domain. No one takes free websites seriously.

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but in all seriousness, i have a business mindset. it’d just be cool if the byte musicians could come together for something like that

I agree. The page is small and littered with ads so it would be a good idea to get a custom domain with some of the money if you’ve made any from you company


Yeah, I just think that it if you want to propose an idea, you should leave the post to he idea and say whatever about your company on a different post

okay we’re done with the site how do we feel abt the album

you mean relaunching, not relauching


im running on 3 redbulls and a coffee trying to prep for tomorrow, thanks for that

lol, it depends. Would it just be a compilation, or would licensing be involved? I know that this last thing i’m gonna say is kinda dumb, but won’t good singers not stand out much if everyone in the comp is a good singer? ok that’s all i can think of for now, keep going! :+1:

it would just be a compilation. no revenue collected.

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ohhh. it could be ike the go-to feature place for singers! sounds cool. also capitalistic in a way but still cool!