Byte Community Podcast Ep.5 (DOMCAST)

Hello fellow Community Members!

The Byte Community Discord is hosting it’s 5th episode of the Podcast. This episode is especially unique. Dom will be joining the team to talk and answer questions the Community may have! If you would like to join the discussion you must be in the Discord server.

Hope you all are as excited as I am!

If you have questions, feel free to message me here or on Discord. slxr#0001




Unfortunately I’ll be in school during the podcast, otherwise, I’d totally be there.


I will tune into it as well

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there’s no mention of when this podcast takes place


Do anybody know when and what time???

I’d like to know that too!

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Tuesday. 1 P.M. EST

@everyone Domcast, 1PM EST TUESDAY. This will not be a normal podcast so I apologize for that, however it will be extra informative!” -Kaden
He said it in the discord in #event-announcements

@TheKingHusker @Chuckdizzy1991


How long is it gonna last for? Because if it will go 1:00-1:10, I can probably make it but i’ll be late.

I’m so glad I could actually be a part of this to listen in!

The timing could not be anymore perfect tbh



I’ll have school that day, but that honestly won’t stop me i’ll convince my teacher to let me leave tbh haha

i’m glad it’ll actually be a time when i’m awake, 6pm. perfect

hmmm never heard of this until now. what a bizarre thing. it has never been mentioned to me before. never.


What time is UK time when podcast is on

gonna be 6pm GMT

:grinning: hi how’s everyone’ss day been

I just might be able to listen yay!

is it still on today

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