Byte changing name

Is the name "Byte” going to change to "clash” ?
I don’t know why if you search "Shorts” on the AppStore Byte appears.
Is byte going to change to the name of "Shorts” ?


Clash features and monetization structure will be merged into Byte, Byte will be re-launched under the Clash name

Unclear what kind of design revamps to expect


They probably added “shorts” as a keyword. Likee is also there too.

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Hopefully the name stays like “Byte” I Like the name "Byte”.


Yeah, it’s because I thought that If I searched "Shorts” an app of "YouTube Shorts” would be on there. But when I searched "shorts” I saw Byte in there. Maybe yeah it’s just a key word to get people into Byte.

Like I said, March 1st will have new changes of Byte using the Clash name.

We would see

The March 1st thing is just part of a running joke on the community_manager byte account. (An account made by Matt, not the real community manager lol.) I think that’s where the March 1st rumor started. So there’s no real date for when we’ll get an update about the name or anything else; the latest article Clash published on Feb 2nd did allude to “the next few weeks” though, so possibly around then. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it started from

The forum will be winding down. Registrations are closed as of today and the forum will be closed on March 1st.


Probably that too lol

This is not a joke, Byte will have new updates beginning March 1st.