Byte, careers, data protection and its use around the world

Hi everyone,
I’m new here so I’m not sure if I’m using the forums correctly and sorry if I mess up with the topic or the categories or something but I have made every effort to read the various other topics as well as rules or regulations regarding these forums. If this topic is off, make sure to let me know ASAP.

Anyways, I had a few questions about byte and didn’t find the answers anywhere else.

  • How would byte be governed around the world?
    Times have changed ever since Vine was last seen 3 years ago and now there have been changes to the way data is handled on the Internet. The European Union has made multiple propositions with directives such as the General Data Protection Regulations or (GDPR) or Article 13 (European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market) which threatens to require all companies to have a copyright filter that stops copyrighted content before it’s posted (such as memes or for example any background music in bytes). Also GDPR now requires anyone holding data on the public to meet certain requisites.

During the beta and after it, Where will byte be available? Will it have a EU office for handling things specifically to do with EU Citizens? Does it require data of EU Citizens to live in the United States?

And my other smaller question was

  • Is there any information about careers at byte?
    I am a full-stack developer and make apps for Android and iOS and would like to work at byte but besides the point, I am sure there are also many people who were probably (I hope lol) wondering the same question.

Leave your thoughts down below because I want to know what everyone thinks.

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In other words, no music?

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Well if there wasn’t any music then that would be sad but I mean like the EU’s new copyright legislation can go beyond music from using pictures too or segments of other video. Honestly I don’t know if I should worry because since I’m Irish, I can just go across the border via the Common Travel Area to the UK which (if they hurry up :joy:) won’t be in the EU and won’t be tied to all these required directives.

If anyone from the byte staff can see this, I think it’s 2019 and as a suggestion that a Artificial Intelligence system that scans videos should be implemented. Then later as the rest of the byte community returns home from TikTok lol, byte can expand to the EU but it’s very early to say how this is going to go.

What about the beta running right now, where is the data being sent?

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