Byte cameo in Smosh video

Found a video of smosh’s on the youtube trending page called “Every TikTok Ever”. Gave it a watch and turns out they referenced byte in one of the sketches. Here’s a link to the specific scene. It starts off as a Vine Support Group joke but then Byte comes in. Thoughts?


Super cool! Byte is awesome!


LMFAO…:joy::joy::rofl: “heard of this new app vine 2, byte, no…sounds stupid, …sounds dumb as heck… that is not gonna last at all…oh okay… get outta here you started vine late…”

Terrible script, this is why I don’t watch Smosh anymore. Anthony & Ian was a perfect duo, at this point Smosh is reaching…


I couldn’t exactly tell what their tone was, but they may have been being sarcastic/ironic idk lol. But either way hey, a shoutouts a shoutout :woman_shrugging: :eyes:


What I got to say to them.

Fuck off

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I thought it was funny hahahaha it kinda pokes fun at peoples hesitation to join byte IMO. I dont wanna be abandoned again, but I also dont wanna join tiktok. Hey guys, bytes great NO GO AWAY. So anyways I dont like tiktok and wish vine was back…

I feel like it was sarcastic but in a good funny way lolol


It was deff a weird way to bring up vine and byte but still talking about byte!!


A meany way :frowning:

how u gonna poke fun at byte for being a sequel when all of the cast are smosh replacements? :thinking:


One step closer to PewDiePie mentioning byte :ok_hand:

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Haha I just watched that then I saw it on the forums hahaha

" :vine: rs only "