*byte bulletin #8*

Greetings from the byte office, where we are excitedly getting back on track as a team.

Thanks to the testers who participated in the last beta window. Seeing your loops brought us some much needed light and joy.

The biggest update to our roadmap since we last had a bulletin is our intention to make the next test (#3 as we were calling it) the always-on beta. We were originally planning 2 more focused tests before keeping the beta open indefinitely, but we’ve been feeling like it’s time to get to a real version of what the beta will ultimately be like, and to a place where we are regularly updating it with new features.

That will mean that when the app next reopens, the username you register will be yours to continue with (unless you change it down the line) and your bytes will carry on (unless you delete them on your own). Although we are still not quite ready to announce when the beta will reopen, we are making steady progress. (Jacob was responsible for some key pieces that we are slowly finishing up ourselves, while at the same time embarking on a hiring process and looking for new office space!). We’re looking forward to adding even more people to this version of the beta when it’s ready, and will continue to add people from the other sign-up opportunities on a rolling basis. With each improvement to the beta, the picture will become clearer and clearer, and more and more people will get to share in it.

As we’ve gotten back to work, we’ve been reconnecting with our original intentions for building this platform, learning from what worked about its predecessor. To that end, we’ve also decided to try out re-byting (name TBD), a feature that people have both loved and hated. Although it was intended as a way to help you discover new videos and creators through the people you follow, on Vine it contributed to clique-ish behavior and was easily abused. Because of that, we were pretty against the idea of introducing it within byte, but our feeling now is that we would rather improve a flawed feature than throw it out entirely. We’re going to experiment with the mechanics of the feature to preserve its intended use and to prevent the ways it can spoil the overall experience. We just want you to know that we’re thinking actively about how to improve features that have value—and that you’ve requested—and find a place for them within byte’s ecosystem.

Once we get to the next beta, we’ll also be sharing some thoughts about our creators program and the road to helping people monetize on our platform. There will be an important vote that we’ll be asking people to cast to help us understand what you’d like from us, and what your priorities are.

We’ll continue to check in with you along the way, of course.

If it’s summer where you are, hope you’re making the most of it! Thanks for everything.

*byte team


this is very cool, have a great summer guys!


Amazing to hear, enjoy your summer guys!


Eeeeeey LOVIN the NEW UPDATE guyss!

Keep up the good work and I cannot wait for the 3rd test! Thanks a bunch! @cami_p

Guys let’s goooooo!



This is epic. Lookin forward to the next test :ok_hand:


hey hey hey here we are


i LOVE this!


And yes I agree, it is a way better idea to not remove re-sharing posts.

Excited to see how you guys would implement a better version of this


Amazing!! Keep up the great work, we love u !!


Happy about the rebyte feature, flawed but so happy to see it, thanks Cami :sunglasses:


thanks guys. every new update about you guys feeling motivated to make this awesome app puts a smile on my face :sunglasses:


Thank you for this update, I really wanted to hear this!


Thanks for the update! Really excited for byte!


Thanks for the update!! Will bytes and usernames from the always-on beta carry on to the full app release?


Liking the idea of the re-byte feature and the always on beta, thanks for the update :sunglasses:


Thanks for the great update will the load on WiFi be fixed before next beta


I’m so happy about the update,thank you :blush:


This is going to be awesome! I can’t wait for all the stuff coming soon for byte, and I hope you guys can take the time to perfect each feature as much as possible.

#hypeforbye!!! thanks for the update @cami_p!


Wow… thank you cami and the team.


Time to take the hype train on max :grin: