*byte bulletin #7*

Hello and welcome back to another bulletin!

We’re plugging away at preparing the third test, which will be focused on discovery / explore and following. We’ll share a full list of the unlocked features once we narrow down a time period.

Now, onto your questions…

We saw one floating around about whether the beta program will continue past the public launch, and the answer is YES!

There was also a question about why this community is still named after v2 and not byte. Totally get that it’s confusing! Discourse has to manually change it and it just hasn’t been super high on the priority list. (Plus, for now we kind of enjoy that it’s got a bit of history for the people who have been here a while.) Nevertheless, we’ll change it eventually.

We also saw a couple of instances where testers weren’t able to download the beta because they were running an older version of iOS. To add to the confusion, the TestFlight email that Apple sends says that the TestFlight app requires iOS 8+. We want to clarify that although Dom said 10+ at one point, the actual answer is that byte requires iOS 11+. We realize that some people don’t update due to a variety of reasons, from storage space to battery life, but the reality is that some of the APIs we use require 11+, so we’re constrained by that. iOS 11 also supports every device we support. (Here’s the full list.) Hopefully we can get everyone who wants into the app one way or another!

On Android, we support 5.1 and higher and are continuing to work on the list of approved devices.

Last week we posted about how we’ll be including testers in a Special Thanks section of the app, and some of you wondered about real names vs. usernames. We plan on giving you a choice for how you want to appear in the list. In the case of an egregiously offensive or gross username, we may have to reject it, but only because it will be sealed in the app forever. So use your judgment for that and we’ll use ours. :slight_smile:

Lastly, because this community has grown so much recently, so has the responsibility of caring for it. We’re looking to add 2 new moderators to our stellar team of volunteers and we hope you’ll think about applying!

To be considered, send an email to hello@byte.co by next Thursday 6/13 at 3pm EST with your forum name (so we know who you are) and the following:

  1. Why you’d make a great moderator, including some of the guiding principles you’d bring to the position.
  2. Your vision for the byte community.
  3. How you’d make the forum a better place for newer members.
  4. How you’d handle a situation where a friend of yours violated the rules.

(If you sent in an application the first time around, feel free to simply reply back to that email thread and update it with responses to the above, plus anything else you’d like us to know.)

We’re very excited to hear from you. Good luck!!

*byte team


Very cool👌

Discord closing in on 3k! :eyes:


Good luck to anyone applying for moderator!:blue_heart:


Well then, buckle up mod bois :eyes::eyes::eyes: :wink:


Im going to send my email in, love you cami <3


Thanks for the update! I’ll be sending in an email ;))


Thanks Cami very cool. Can’t wait and still hyped for byte. Thanks for answering our questions :sunglasses:


very cool, thank you


Thank you Cami and good luck to all who wish to help this forum


Thanks & good luck to everyone applying for moderator!! :smile:


no news on invites to the app is a little disappointing but maybe it’s a secret~


This is awesome, I can’t wait for byte to come!!!


This is epic. Thanks for the update cami :ok_hand:


thanks for the update :smile:


Thanks Cami! Can’t wait for test #3 okuuuuur!


cant wait for test 3 to start


Thank you for the update!


Awesome thanks cami, and goodluck to those who apply!!!


Thanks for another update! Still excited as heck! Also good luck to everyone applying :wink:


Hey 2 questions, not sure if these will be answered but a lot of people are wondering this:

  1. Will the third beta be the last one before public launch (based on the fact that we’ll be focusing on just a few new features I’m going to guess this is a no, and that there will likely be other betas before launch, and that’s ok!):slightly_smiling_face:

    2) More importantly, on which beta will we be able to retain our profiles and followers. Will it be this coming third beta? or a future one?

Thank you! Super excited for the third wave and looking forward to the public launch!!


Just tell us that you guys are actually Tiktok already