*byte bulletin 6.5*

Hello again dear ones,

We have a couple of follow-up updates on our last bulletin that we felt warranted a new post.

First, a small but not insignificant update to the features that will be part of the second test:

We mentioned last week that two of the things you’d be testing would be following and search, but we’ve had some time to sit with these features as a team and decided NOT to include them this time.

Our reason is that following/search – at least how they’ve been done and we all expect them to work – aren’t really indicative of how we plan to build byte. Including them in the test was meant as a temporary way to help you find each other and organize all the bytes that will be posted, since we have a feeling that the increased number of testers will make the global timeline feel a bit fast.

But now we’re feeling like they give the wrong impression of what byte will ultimately feel like, which is fundamentally different from the old model of “search for your friends and follow them to see their posts in a separate feed.” We’ll still have following of course, but we want some time to get the discovery piece in place, too. They’re both essential to the full experience.

We know that sounds vague right now, but we’re taking our time to find solutions that feel both right and specifically right for byte, so we hope you understand! There’s still plenty that we’ll need your help to test.


Second, we saw recently that future Huawei phones may not have access to Google Play Store apps. We are monitoring the news, but for now, that would mean that future Huawei phones will not be able to download byte. Older devices seem unaffected, though. Once we publish our list of verified devices (see: *byte bulletin #5*), you’ll be able to use that as a reference.


Lastly, we want to touch on release date. Many of you have noticed that we’re in the thick of Spring and without a set release date. It’s probably time for us to call it and say that we won’t make Spring 2019 for a public launch. We will continue pushing tests, widening the circle of testers, and soon get to a fully unlocked beta, but our public launch is probably still a couple of months away. We hesitate to say anything more specific than that until we see how the next couple of tests unfold.

We’re learning a lot as we go…new ideas and thinking are popping up as we build…and we certainly don’t want to rush something out that we’re not proud of…so thank you for sticking with us and showing us your support. We really are not far away.

And in the meantime, looking very forward to Friday!

*byte team


Huawei phone users be like:


Thank you for the communication, appreciate it and all the hard work y’all are doing. :heart:


We all appreciate your work, you guys do what you gotta do and make the app as good as it can be!


thanks for the update again and clearing up some of our questions!!


Here we go again


Thanks for update! Take all the time you need :wink:


Thanks for another update!! We all want this app to be amazing so don’t rush and take your time guys!
Soo looking forward for the finale end result :partying_face:


It not being out in spring hurts but thanks for the update :,( :sunglasses:


Summer is the new spring :sunglasses: excited for the eventual release of Byte whenever it is :metal:


Thank you for the update!


Thank you for the update! All the hard work from the teaser back in Late 2017 to present day has been worth it


I kinda knew we weren’t gonna make the spring release. Thank-you so much for being so honest and transparent with us. Making the best app possible is the priority.


Another update so soon! All hail @cami_p :bowing_man:
In the fully unlocked beta is that when our profile and bytes, follows, likes etc will all be saved? Thanks


Thanks so much for this update! It’s greatly appreciated :blush::wave:t4:

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I’m fine if we don’t get a spring release. All that matters is that when the app is released, everything can be more clean and refined then we expect.

Thanks for the update @cami_p


We’re all here for you guys!


6.5… just like byte and vine’s looping times :eyes::eyes::eyes:


We still on for July 24th release date :wink: 6.5 year anniversary of vine


would be epic