*byte bulletin #3*

Bulletin #3!

It’s pi(e) day today, which is a fitting metaphor to help us say…

…we’re still baking.

No beta announcement to make today, but as always, we are hard at work getting the app to a good and cozy and most of all FUNCTIONAL place for when you get here.

We can say that very soon you’ll be able to preorder it on both the App Store and Play Store, which means you can be certain that the app will download automatically as soon as it becomes available. (This is only for the public launch; beta will work differently of course.) Besides giving you a preview of what the listing looks like, it will also help us gauge numbers and be better prepared for Day 1. Calling it a “preorder” is actually a little misleading, so don’t worry, the app is still free. We’ll make an announcement when the listing goes up.

Now onto some A’s to your Q’s:

3rd beta signup:

That’s our intention, but we’re still figuring out a good way to do it that’s a little more inclusive than it has been in the past.

Inviting friends to beta:

Yes, you’ll be able to invite friends to the beta, but it will be delayed from your own invitation.


Right now they’re limited to 20 characters — A-Z, 0-9, periods, underscores, tildes. No spaces. We may expand the limit later, but that’s our starting point. And yes, you’ll be able to change your username anytime from the app.


The app will initially be available in English, but we plan to localize fairly soon after launch. A translate feature is also early on our roadmap after launch.

Area/language specific trending:

Not for byte. This separated people on Vine and felt bad. If people are trending, it’s our job to make sure that their work is understandable by as many people as possible. Translation is a part of this and we might look to the community to help with it.

Editors/app moderators:

These positions will be Staff, but when we post the openings, if you are qualified and happen to be active on the forum, that will obviously be a plus for us.

Direct messages (video or otherwise):

We are planning on doing a lot with DMs, but after launch.

TL system changes in the forums:

Yes, we’ve been working closely with the forums team to come up with a plan for handling TLs going forward. These changes will be rolled out in advance of the beta. The main idea is to have a unified set of expectations for Experts, and to create a clear and democratic system for people to be promoted. More on this soon.

App support:

There will be a form you fill out on the website and we will respond to those. We will set expectations for what we can and can’t respond to and how long it might take. Although we’ll be monitoring issues, support will be very light in beta and probably a bit through the first hectic part of launch. We will eventually ramp it up to meet the demand.

Watched history:

We don’t track this for your privacy, but if it’s something you want, we’d like to understand why so that we can come up with a solution. Let us know below!

Square videos:

They’re letterboxed by a black frame currently, but it looks nice.

2-factor authentication:

We plan on adding it at launch or very shortly after. Right now accounts are Google-authenticated or based on your email. In either case there is no password.


Comments are chronological and sorted by recency. Both the owner of the byte and the owner of the comment can delete a comment. Anyone can report one. Comments can be disabled per post. We are looking into alternate comment systems (multiple sorting algorithms, upvoting/downvoting, etc.) but it will be further down the line. The ability to filter certain words is also on the roadmap.


An edit button is on the roadmap. We’re thinking that it will be available only for a short window after the post is submitted. No edit history, though. Bolds, italics, strikethrough, and underlining aren’t supported right now. We had them in another app of ours, but it was used infrequently.

That said, if you have opinions on any of the above, we welcome them below!

Until next time <3


YEEHAW thanks for all this amazing news cami! Can’t Wait!


Thank you Cami very cool!

Questions from the bulletin.

Would a third signup be conducted only on the forum? Or would it involve twitter as well?

How many friends will we be able to invite to the beta?

Was it ever considered to use a username system similar to Discord? eg cami#4525

Will there be no way at all to search by location? For someone like me from Scotland, it would be really useful if I wanted to find other creators from here, instead of (largely) only seeing north americans

Will things like verification, impersonation etc be reported through the app or the site?

Personally I’d think watch history could be really useful to look back on funny videos, as well as presumably getting better tailored suggestions for who to follow.

Will app moderators be posted for before beta is released?

Questions you probably can’t answer.

The forum is still hosted under community.v2.co, as opposed to the actual site byte.co, is it not possible to hold the forum on a section of the byte website?

Is there any reason why neither dom or the official byte accounts link to the forum on twitter etc?

Do you have any plans for using the byte youtube channel for anything other than presumably posting video bulletins at some point?

Questions from before.

Previous questions

*byte bulletin #2*


Yayyyyy, Byte bulletin! Thanks cami :grinning:

I have a few questions:

  1. Will we be seeing any more teaser screenshots soon?

  2. Will there be a paid program similar to youtube premium?

  3. Will there be an algorithm for sorting videos in the beta or is that planned later on?

  4. How will ads work?

  5. Will there be verification badges for specific categories of creators, such as: Company, musician, bytestar?

  6. Will there be a way to tap on someone’s profile pic and see their basic info (enlarged picture, pronoun, and bio) without going to their page, like there is on the forums or on discord


I love u CAMI :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Okay I’m sure no one above me read it, but thank you for this amazing app and Dom for making this amazing community.



AYYY ty Cami


me likey


Let’s gooooo


Thanks as always for the update!!!


Thanks for the update cami!

Looks like people are really getting anxious though, hope the beta comes before March ends


I feel like many people might watch videos and later decide to show it to a friend or just want to rewatch it. So I feel like history can be useful.

For privacy, you can have the default option be that history is not tracked, and can be enabled from settings if you would like it to be

It would be nice to have an option to sort comments between recent and popular. On many platforms, recent comments tend to be people tagging others while the top would be the most liked by the viewers


A bulletin more often please.


Will playlists become a thing at launch, or will they be on the roadmap at some point?

How will ads be implemented, and at what point?

More information on the teams feature?

and most importantly, thank you. Your transparency is part of what keeps this community eager to be part of this work. :smile:


beautiful as always. glad to hear things are moving steadily.

can’t wait to see what the future has in store :wink:


Thank you for the info cami_p! :smile:


There she is. Byte’s god is back


So if there’s no date now and the next bulletin is in 3 weeks like normal. Is the beta no longer starting in March?


good to see you can add friends to beta


thanks for the update!