*byte bulletin #2*

Hello again!
And thanks for your patience waiting for this second byte bulletin.

We’ve been hard at work over here, getting closer to the first wave every day. Time is torture if you’re waiting, but it’s also what we need to make sure we bake this thing right.

Gotta say, it’s been fun / nerve-wracking seeing all the guessing and predictions for the drop date… as always, we will share what we can as we can. Just know that we’re totally on track for the Spring launch :rocket:

Now then, let’s just dive in and answer some questions.

Android + iOS:

Despite our screenshots always showing iOS (not intentional), we will launch on both iOS and Android at the same time.

GIFs as icons:

We’re thinking about animating stuff in your profile, but it’s probably not gonna be in v1.

Dark mode / themes:

There’s a difference between app themes and personal profile themes. Right now there’s one theme for the app and it skews darker (as you’ve seen in the screens that have been shared), but there are multiple themes you can choose from for your profile. If you pick a theme for your own profile, it will show up for other people when they look at it.

However, right now we’re thinking that you might also want an option NOT to see everyone’s specific colors. Just an idea in case there are people out there who would prefer to see things more streamlined.

In the future when there’s more than one app theme, it’ll likely be something you change in your settings, not through any kind of dedicated button/toggle. Screen real estate is precious, y’all.

Desktop / computer upload:

We might build it one day, but it’s not currently on the roadmap.

Sponsorship tags:

We’re working on a design to help creators mark when their posts are sponsored or in partnership with a brand.

Loop counts:

Yes, you will be able to show loop counts if you want. You can also turn them off.

TOS consequences:

We are still actively working on our Terms of Service, but there a few things we can say about what might happen if you “break” it. If you maliciously break the TOS to make the experience worse for other people, we’ll take action. If it’s not severe, we’ll give one warning. If it is severe, we’ll just ban you. Also, just because something is not explicitly in the TOS, don’t assume it’s ok. If you’re worried or feel weird about something, you should just ask us. Don’t just do it and see what happens.

Warnings on sensitive content:

Although the TOS & Community Guidelines are still in development, we at least know that we won’t allow nudity or graphic violence or gore. The ability to add a warning to “sensitive” or otherwise “NSFW” content is an interesting idea that we’re exploring, but it won’t be a way to work around the basic rules. We’re thinking that there should be a way for people to classify their own content, and then for people to choose what content appears or doesn’t appear in their feed based on those classifications. Still, this probably won’t make it into v1.


We encourage everyone to read up on it and the definition of fair use. One thing we’d just like to add: if it won’t fly on another service, it probably won’t fly here. We’re not going to be some kind of exception to the law. We might be able to expect fewer claims just because of the short nature of our videos…but it’s still tough to say. We’ll have more on this as we get closer to launch.

Account delete:

You’ll have the option to both permanently delete your account and simply deactivate it.

Live streams / videos > 1 min:

No plans right now.

Social links:

We’re thinking we’ll allow up to 3, but open to feedback once you see it. We’re trying to balance elements in the design and keep profiles from getting too busy.

YES to multiple accounts:

We’re working on an easy way to switch between them, but it might not make it in v1.

The forum:

We expect the forum to expand once the app goes into beta, and again once it’s released to the public. At least part of it will be dedicated to dealing with issues that people are having on the service (whether they’re creators or not), as well as discussing future features and gathering feedback.

Thanks again for sticking with us!

Be sure to leave your questions for bulletin #3 below and upvote the ones you want to see answered.

*byte team


Glad to see another bulletin! :mermaid:

Will ask the same questions as before, and a few new ones!

Inviting friends to beta?

Area specific trending? Or as was suggested elsewhere, language specific?

Teams will have usernames?

Max capacity of teams?

Will teams be by invite, or will there be some way of applying, or both?

Any seasonal features you can tease? Other than blasts that we briefly heard about

I remember something about moderators for the app, will they be chosen from people on here?

Linking forum accounts to the app?

Tagging videos with “>”?

Direct messages/video messages?

Fyte battle royale?


Thanks for the amazing news @cami_p . This is why you are the legendary community liaison. :grin:


Will we be able to invite friends onto the beta? if yes, will we be able to do it on the first phase or on later phases?

Username/display name restrictions? Will there be a minimum amount of characters for usernames/display names?

Will monetization and ads be included in v1 or will it be implemented on later versions?

Will the app be supported in multiple common languages or only english?

Will my promotion to mod be coming soon?

How long will each beta phase last? and about how far apart will the phases be?

Have any ex-viners/content creators been reached out to by the byte team? if yes, then which ones are confirmed to be joining byte?

Commencement of an expert purge?

Is a byte support team in the process of being made? would people from the community/forums have the opportunity to be a part of it?

What lotion does @dom use to moisturize his legs?


:clap:sounds great! Would stick with you guys no matter what​:grin:


When the post came out a minute ago but ppl commenting within the minute :thinking:

(Apologies if an answer to these has slipped my mind, and if these are very detail-oriented)

  • Will there be a history of all the videos we have watched on the app?
  • How will comments be organized? Would it be by most popular, more recent, or something else? And what controls will users have over the comments on their videos (blocking links, words, all comments on one video, all comments across all videos)
  • If likes/re-bytes (if added) show up on our feed, will there be an option to stop it from showing up on our feed from all or specific users.

Y’all took my sentence butThis is why you’re part of a legendary… team


very nice information


Thank you for the update! It’s greatly appreciated :blush:


No desktop upload!? REEEEEEEEEEE


Hey I totally read that whole thing and now I’m gonna say how great you are :unamused:


This is awesome stuff to see. I hope that the links to other media will show thumbnails of the website just for aesthetics purposes instead of a straight link.

Also I love how the first time I’m able to check the forums in weeks I open it minutes after the second byte bulletin is posted ;D


Amaaaziiing thanks as always :grin::grin:


AWESOME STUFF !!! thank you guys for all the work you guys have put into this beautiful app cannot wait to hear More news! the future is so bright #BYTEFAM


Not yet, at least. There still might be hope! :joy:


Can there be a translator/translate feature? I only know how to speak Spanish and English is very hard for me.


I’m very curious on being able to Invite friends to beta aswell ! #ByteFam


Two questions: Will there be unlockable features/badges? Do you still expect to get the beta out in February?


It’s amazing how topics from literally last year are being brought up (i.e. nsfw content); looking forward to what’s new, and thank you cami for the update :smile::smile::smile:


we are certainly one legendary community :hearts:


very yes