*byte bulletin #12*

Hello friends,

Our team sincerely hopes that you and the people you care about are staying safe, healthy, and connected—always, of course, but especially right now. As we’re all navigating this pandemic, it’s surreal to be talking about an app, but we do hope byte has been an outlet for you from time to time. It has been for us, thanks to you.

This past month has been about adjusting to this new reality. Our team transitioned to working fully remote early in March, while launching Beats and Floaties, near perfect loops on the web(!), experimenting with limited-time events and channels, and testing out communities. Lots more is on the way that we are excited to share soon.

Partner Program

Many of you have been wondering about the status of the Partner Program pilot. As of this bulletin, about 80% of the invites have gone out and conversations are continuing. Once the program starts there will be an indication in the app of who’s a partner. The group so far reflects a variety of styles and voices from the community. It includes people who have been on byte since the beta days as well as newer creators. This felt like the right approach toward our goals of ensuring great content on byte and helping new people find us.

We intend to be sending out invites up to and even beyond April 15. We’re keeping several spots open for this first round in order to leave room for people in the community who are evolving their content, as well as new creators who might join.

While “quality” is subjective, it’s the main criteria we’ve used to select partners. We aren’t focused on numbers or current popularity. Partners are in this program because we genuinely enjoy their creative expression and because we fundamentally believe that creators should be able to earn from the platforms where they share their work. We’re starting with a small group because byte is still very new and small. It’s our hope that one day every creator will have the potential to earn on byte.

We also want to say again that it’s never been OK for people to cheat or inflate their engagement, but it also won’t help anyone get selected for the program. Partners specifically agree not to cheat in the terms they sign, so if our team ever finds evidence of this kind of activity, those partners would no longer be allowed to participate. We hope everyone takes this to heart because this behavior has no place in this community.

Across all the work we’re doing right now, our goal is to make byte more fun—for both creators and viewers. Just as we test, learn from, and evolve the app, we will be doing the same with this program—while continuing to look for new ways for creators to earn in the future.


A couple of weeks ago we processed our first notifications of claimed infringement. A group of creators on the forum were discussing the implications of the process and gave us feedback on how we could handle these going forward. There’s now an FAQ on this topic with a bit more context on the issues involved, why and how we process these notifications, and some of the improvements we’re exploring. Check it out here, if you’re curious.


As you’ve probably noticed, we’re continuing to play with all sorts of things in the app, and you should expect more experimentation in the days and weeks ahead. We hope you find this part of being an early community member fun. We’re so grateful for all the feedback you’ve given us so far, so please keep telling us what’s working for you and what’s not.

Thanks for reading this update. We hope it’s useful. We can’t wait to share what we’re working toward with you all.

In the meantime, please take care of yourselves and one another and be safe.

*byte team




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Thanks for the update! I really appreciate how much you guys communicate with us on this forum. Seeing how byte is growing and where it’s going has been a super fun and unique journey so far :slight_smile:

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Not focusing on numbers and stuff with they’re PP is great. Such a good mindset to have, cami!


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Thank you so much for the update – especially the clarification on Copyright and what the process is. I’m sure that’ll offer some relief to those who feel in “limbo” over their content. Can’t wait to see what experiments are coming down the pipeline!


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