*byte bulletin #1*

Welcome to the first of hopefully many!

Thanks for sending us your questions about the app. We know you probably have a lot of them burning in your minds, so we hope this can at least help restore normal, cooler temperatures in there… Dom has been on Twitter teasing bits and pieces from the app, along with his thoughts on things. Exciting stuff. It’s getting realer by the minute.

We’ll start this off by addressing beta timing, then move on to some of the questions we felt we could answer at this point in time. If your question isn’t covered, we either can’t say, just straight-up don’t know yet, or will try to answer in the next one. (Some of you also asked some high-level questions that require more space to answer, so we’re saving those for the right venue.)

Without further ado…

Beta timing:

We were honestly shooting for a first wave in January, but since the calendar says January is over after today, sad to say we’ve missed our target. The reason for the delay is that we didn’t want to release the first wave and let people in knowing that eventually their content would get wiped when we migrate to a more robust system. We’re in the process of doing that now, so by the time we DO let people in, everyone’s content will be safe and sound.

This delay in sending out the first wave doesn’t affect our Spring launch, though. We’ll narrow that timeline down as we get closer.


The topic of discovery is REALLY important to us and we want to strike a balance here between algorithms and good old-fashioned curation. We’ve put a lot of thought into this and there will be opportunities to see both what’s popular and trending AND new stuff from new creators. We’ll be bringing back Popular Now and Editor’s Pick, but those are far from it. We’ve come up with some other categories that are built to surface good, new, and interesting stuff you might not expect, which will be just as important as seeing what’s popular. Stay tuned for more on this.

Video upload:

YES, you will be able to upload video at launch.

NO music tool built into byte:

There are plenty of other tools/services that will let you do that and you can upload from camera roll. We haven’t ruled one out for the future, but it’s not on the immediate roadmap.


Our plans are taking shape as we write. We can say that most of those plans include revenue share for creators, but it will have to evolve over time. We’ll need to start out by letting a small number of people in on an invite-only basis, and then grow from there. Until we have a better picture of how the service itself will unfold, we’ll have to take things slow and respond to how things go.


We have to respect the DMCA on this because…we have to. If something gets taken down according to the DMCA, it will have to get demonetized.


Compilation culture was a big part of Vine and it’s probably safe to say that it will be on byte as well. We want to adequately support the various sides of this issue by making sure that content gets proper attribution and that the original creators can make money off of their work. We’re exploring ideas like flexible watermarking to help creators with proper attribution. Unfortunately, if claims happen on Youtube and other platforms, it’s outside of our control.

Display names:

We will support display names in the app. The interface does display username in more places (similar to Instagram), but there is a display name.

Video quality:

The app will offer seamless loops. As far as quality goes, we are trying to balance bitrate and download speed. Right now, we’re skewing toward high quality.

We only support 30 fps right now. We’re interested in increasing this, but it might not make it into v1. It’s definitely on the roadmap, though.

Pinning bytes to the top of your feed:

It’s a good idea that’s been passed along to the team!

Grouping clips into “playlists”:

This is on the roadmap, but won’t be in v1.

Android OS:

Right now we are aiming to support Android 5.1 Lollipop (SDK 22) and newer.

Signing up with email vs. phone number:


Official Merch:

Yes, planning on this! :fire:


We still want to do this, but it’s been pushed from v1 so that we can get it out earlier. We want to do a better job on this and part of that is being able to see how people collaborate organically and then building around that.


Yes, down the line, we’re planning on having programming and events that will enable creators to connect with us and each other. Very much looking forward to this.

Bonus profile peep:

Lastly, here’s a better look at the profile pages that Dom teased on Twitter.




We hope this is a start! Comment below with questions for #2.

Thanks for sticking with us. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

*byte team


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