Byte Bots (no not the bad kind of bots lol)

This is a completely random suggestion. I remember someone posting a picture of a “Byte Bot” a while ago (I’m so sorry that I can’t remember who did :disappointed:), but it actually made me come up with an idea.

Maybe in some future distant update from now (because I know that the team is very busy addressing things that are way more important right now), we could design our own “Byte Bots” similar to Bitmojis, but a Byte version. I think it’d be cool to be able to display them on the user’s profile and also be able to have them appear animated. Underneath the Byte Bot we could describe anything that we want (from how we feel, what we are up to, who we are collabing with etc.).

If we are collabing or doing something with someone else that has a Byte account and it was planned out in advance, it would be nice to display your byte bot with the other users byte bot in an interacting fashion on your profile and the other user’s profile.

We could use the stars to go to the “Byte Store” to buy outfits and other things for our byte bots (hats, shoes, etc). The Byte Store could also have things that you could buy to customize certain aspects of the app such as skins that you could apply to your profile, special fonts that you could use on your actual byte videos, etc.

Someone mentioned gamification of the app a bit more (I believe it was @_Orange) and I think it’s an excellent idea that could go along with this idea. Maybe opening the app a certain amount of time per week or a certain number of times per week could get you extra stars so you could get more things from the Byte store. And maybe while you’re in the byte store you could watch ad videos to get free stars? I also think that the idea of earning badges for achievements would be a wonderful idea as well.

Idk, obviously you guys can come up with more ideas on what can be done with the stars, but I just wanted to put a general idea out there. I’m pretty sure this would take up a lot of time to code, so ppl on the forums reading this plz don’t expect that I think that the byte team (if they chose to even do this that is) would stop what they are doing to address this now. I know that this would be something that’s done wayyyy in the future :blush: :pray:.



That’s kind of how I envisioned it. Also the status could marquee across the screen if it’s a longer status or there could be a dedicated section where the status could go.


Hey there! Byte Bot is my baby and I 100% approve this idea. It would take soooooooooo much extra work, but once Byte is finally in version 1.0 this would definitely be a lot of fun!


Love this idea I think it’s creative and a good way to make an announcement without making a byte about it


I like it! More personalized features are always good :smile:


I agree, I feel like it’ll be a lot of work, that’s why I think that if the Byte team decides to do this it should probably be later after they sort out the very important issues first. But, I’m sooo glad that you guys like this idea! :grin:

Yep @Tatyana!! People wouldn’t have to waste time to make a byte if they wanted to make a quick announcement, they could put it right there :blush:. Byters could even announce when they plan on releasing their next byte and other stuff in general :blush:.

I have a question for both of you guys (Tatyana and Jaurshe) (and whoever else wants to give their opinion lol). When we post our “Byte statuses with our Byte bots, besides having it visible on the Byter’s profile, do you think it’d be good to have a separate tab on our timeline that’s dedicated to status updates (so from left to right it’d be following, your mix, status updates) or do you think that it should show up under its own section in the notifications tab?

I’m trying to figure somewhere in addition that users could go to see all status updates for all users that they are following instead of being forced to visit every profile to see updates (because I feel like it could get tedious lol).

I know we visit user’s profiles frequently, but I feel like it might not be as often after we follow the user. This section could also be filtered where you could stop status updates from appearing from some of the users that you follow, but you aren’t interested in seeing their status updates.

Side note: If we do have a dedicated section on the timeline, it would be nice to allow likes and comments on these statuses as well :slight_smile: :blush: These comments and likes don’t need to appear on the Byter’s profile because I feel like that would probably clutter their profile. The only thing that should appear on the profile is the status itself w/the Byte Bot, but when you tap on the status it could carry you to the section where you could like/comment the status if you desire.


Yeah I’m just thinking that a person could see all the statuses by clicking on the emoticon on the profile (maybe under “see more” or something)

For notification there could be an option to cancel showing status notifications or something like that but idk just a thought


I love the idea of having a little drawn or animated avatar/pet that we can customize, it would be a great way to gamify the app and use stars. it fits right in with all the other ideas in that thread you mentioned.

I didn’t like the idea of watching ads, though. Stars so far have been thing you get from itneracting with the app and the community. I guess if the team needed to complement the app’s income, but otherwise, I don’t see it.


I think the way you mentioned would be a good way to see all of an individual person’s byte statuses (new and old).

But, I think that it’d be really good idea to have somewhere to find all of the byte statuses for the people that you follow so you don’t have to be forced to go to everyone’s profile just to see their update. It could be set up so you could just see all of the new statuses at one place. I think it’d also be good to have the option to unsubscribe from ppls statuses that you aren’t as interested in seeing.

Another option for this idea is, instead having a dedicated tab on the timeline to see everyone’s status, I think it’d be easier to just send push notifications to the followers with the updated status when someone makes a new status and also make the status appear in your notification section. This still would resolve the issue of not having to go to every single person’s page to see their update and the followers could still subscribe/unsubscribe to the status updates if they are no longer interested in seeing their updates. For both of those options the Byte Bot and the status would still be on your profile (similar to the way that I showed above) just for people that come across your profile (ppl that aren’t following you that are checking out your page or ppl that may just be revisiting your old bytes for whatever reason).

The only con with that way is that the followers wouldn’t be able to interact with the status (like/comment) if they wanted to, so that’s something to consider. But, this should still work :blush: .

@LittleDewDroplets I’m so glad that you like this idea! Yeah I agree, I think for the ad videos and this idea in general it’s really all up to the Byte team. They can use as much or as little of this idea as they want. :slight_smile: I’m just trying to throw out as many ideas out there as I can. I guess it can be an option for monetization if they deem it necessary.

Some upgrades for the Byte Bots (that could be purchased in the Byte store using stars) that I was thinking of was:

Auras: similar to the aura that you get when you become a super Saiyan in Dragonball Z :joy::joy:. There can be different color auras that you can choose from and the size of the aura will cost more byte stars (super saiyan 1 vs 2 vs 3 :joy:). Sorry for the DBZ reference, hopefully it helps you guys to understand what I mean by “aura” :joy::joy:

Wings: it’d be so cool if you could purchase wings for your Byte bot and they could actually hover in place on your profile :joy::joy:

If I can think of anymore upgrades I will add them and anyone feel free to chip in :joy::joy::joy:

But, remember you can use these stars not only to edit your bot but you can use them for special skins on your profile, cool fonts that you can use on your byte videos, etc.

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Okay this is actually completely different from what I saw in the tittle lol. I actually like the whole design your avatar idea here I mean because everyone does it from Nintendo mii’s, Xbox, Snap and as far as I know thats pretty much it. Those guys who do it have become popular too because they got the avatar right!


I like this idea! It would be pretty cool to include your byte bot into your bytes with the floaties feature, for example if you’re planning something special for a holiday, and your byte bot is holiday-themed, you could do a quick byte that can let your viewers know! :aww:

This gets me pretty excited about byte! :grin:

Now I keep thinking about how sponsorships could work when it comes to byte bots…:thinking: I know Nike sponsored byte in the past… Maybe hit the like button on a sponsored post, and get cool Nike shoes or a Nike headband for your byte bot? I do feel like my suggestion for the byte bot idea could use some work :thinking:


byte X Bitmoji :eyes:


I’m pretty sure bitmoji is owned by Snapchat but a whole byte x Snapchat integration would be cool. Especially since Snapchat hasn’t really innovated much in a long time


A bit off-topic but where have you been?


This :heart_eyes:


Oh wow thanks for looking that video, I didn’t see that before. This means that byte could integrate the Snapchat camera, giving people filters etc until byte has time to fully develop their own camera


Well yeah surprise! I’m sorry that the title didn’t match what you were thinking :joy: I’m glad that you like the idea though. I’m just trying to think outside of the box a little to help this app to have more features or things that are different from TT and I just happened to be inspired by @Jaurshe’s amazing artwork and just thought of this idea :slight_smile: :blush:

Yeah I agree @CubeOfCheese. I honestly think that it’d be best for byte to stick with making their own avatars and not using Snapchat’s. However I do like the idea for collabing with Snapchat for the camera features, however I’m not sure how this would turn out in terms of if the byte team and Snapchat are both comfortable with collabing. I honestly think that collaboration could be pretty tough.

@Taemint67 I really like your idea of having the ability of putting your byte bots in your videos and also having special accessories depending on the holiday (or special event). I think that these are also some things that the Byte team should look into.

Something else that may be nice to include in “Byte statuses” are polls. I think it’s a nice way to help a creator’s byte audience be involved in what they are creating next. Not sure if ppl want the ability to rebyte a status as well but that could also be an idea as well.


Definitely! The fact that TT doesn’t even have any kind of avatar of it’s own is weird because they are trying to compete right?

Maybe they didn’t think of the idea yet? Idk, but I really like how Byte has this star system. I think it’s really unique and I hope they’ll use them to make the app more fun😊.

Slightly off topic, but I honestly really miss when the Byte team was coming up with updates on the app at least once a week, even if they were small updates, I sincerely appreciated them a lot. The reason why is because it made me feel like we were getting that much closer to Byte 1.0 :hearts: . I really hope that the Byte team is doing ok. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: Maybe they’ve been taking a break?

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