Byte blew up and

…I’m terrified… my anxiety has gone up and I don’t have any good ideas/videos in my head right now and I don’t really wanna reupload old bytes.


Same. I was planning on posting again after a month break and now I have no idea what to post because everything feels extremely weird and toxic.


it’s really not worth getting anxious over. it’ll settle down in a few days or a couple weeks :relieved:


There is absolutely no pressure to post, don’t stress! If you wanted to welcome the newcommers, or post to one of the faction hashtags, that could be a way to go :slight_smile:


I know exactly what you mean. I’m generally an anxious person and loved coming on to byte, because of the friendly community. I actually have a video I was going to post today and just saw an influx of “#killallmillenials” and “get out” to old byters and I just can’t take that pressure. :frowning: I’m not going to leave, but I think I’ll wait it out a tiny bit before I post because I feel I’m going to get attacked :weary: I hate this feeling.

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