Byte "Blast" : A Game-Changing Feature of Byte?

DISCLAIMER: I posted a long rant before, but realized it was too long, so I summarized it in this post. This is not my original idea. I am simply articulating on an existing idea.

Good morning @dom ! The app is amazing (Shout-outs to Nike for their sponsorship, this is truly a milestone for Byte to success), and I was pondering upon the idea of “Blast” a Byte that goes out to the creator’s followers and disappears after 24 hours.

I think this can be a REVOLUTIONARY Feature of Byte, if we can:

  • Replace “Blast” with “For Your Consideration,” and have the Blast sent out to many creators, not just the followers.
  • Have One (Possibly Two) Blast a Month, so people take it more seriously.
  • No LIKES, COMMENTS, LOOP COUNTS, or REBYTES. Only Content Itself.
  • No SPONSORSHIP or ADS through the Blast, if violated, the creator will face consequences.
  • The only button that is available on Blasts is the “Report” button.

I think the Blast can help Byte stick to its philosophy “Creativity First,” and a Blast that can be celebrated by its content, not by its numbers, this is the goal.

What do you all think?


Would be interesting to have. I like the idea but idk how people who come for the app just to film view clips, or edits or comedy only would possibly be a miss. The idea really sounds amazing but the content thats the Blast feels it could be hit or miss, since For Your Consideration feels that way now to some.

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It would maybe work on more ephemeral apps but I’m not too much of a fan of a byte implementation, I think it’d make sharing difficult & there would be issues with the content being reposted anyway.

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awful idea

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blasts just kinda sound like a fancy version of notification.