Byte Birthday Celebration!

One of the coolest things about this app to me, was how many people started just creating for the first time because of it. Byte’s motto of “Creativity first” shaped a unique community on the internet and if you would just create, you could find a niche on the app. Some of us are still on Byte creating and others of us let that initial creative spark carry us into other creative endeavors. But Byte was a catalyst and a confidence builder for many!

So, to celebrate this, I want to see 3 things from each of you!

  1. Share your first Byte! Regardless of how great or how cringe it feels now, let’s see where you started!

  2. Share your favorite Byte that you made! Which one are you most proud of?

  3. Share the people’s favorite Byte that you made! Which one was most successful, however you want to define that?


Ooohhh I like this!

My first Byte! You can tell I was brimming with unused Vine-energy.

The one everyone seemed to love the most.

And I have a lot of personal favorites, but this is the one I adore. The subject was chosen by the byte community and its celebrating a man we all love, respect and admire.


Haha thanks for sharing! Those were great! The Sesame Street one is definitely one of my favorites! :smiley: