Byte Bingo!

So lets address the elephant in the room, this isn’t actually bingo. Sorry I know you’re crying now but i didn’t know what to call it other then that.

All jokes aside it’s no surprise that these are really tough times for a lot of people. Since I know that a lot of things are canceled and it’s hard to find motivation when you have nothing to look up too. So here’s my attempt to help everyone that would want to partake. This is took me a bit to create what i find is a good balance of things to do.

under this you will find a picture of things Byters can all find some value in and work towards. Also keep in mind this isn’t a race to complete it. If you take this seriously my guess would be it should take at minimum a month to complete. Also under the pic is an explanation on why I chose each square also will work as a guide for if you’re confused for any reason on something. So please don’t feel the need to read them all if you don’t want too. You need to have every square done to have completed the challenge. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

  1. Make a byte and try to make something better then you usually do, try to step it up. By the end you if you don’t say ‘‘good enough’’, you’re on the right track.

  2. Try to encourage people to at minimum try out Byte and try to find people you think would enjoy it. (this is linked with number 6)

  3. Creating is fun and you know how it feels to have a video completely flop, so go on and give people some likes. They’re unlimited for a reason lol.

  4. If you told me you hated to receive comments, lets be real i know you’d be lying. Go on and support others.

  5. Your blood shouldn’t be the consistency of syrup and water will help with that. Also its like REALLY good for your skin, so don’t be shy drink some more.

  6. Revisiting number 2 think of the people you want to invite on the app. Now based on their interests recommend them a minimum of 3 Byters they would enjoy. This will help them start a feed so they hopefully stay on the app for longer. Also you can’t recommend yourself as one of the three.

  7. The forum is great way to find and interact with the community. Heck you’re on it right now. Try to start a new topic and start interacting with people.

  8. So i’m not your mom at the end of the day but do I actually have to say why eating vegetables is important. Don’t hesitate to go all out on this one.

  9. Believe it or not we don’t just use Byte all the time, we use other platforms to talk about it lol. so go ahead and support your favourite creators on other platforms too. The power of community am I right!

  10. Try replying on a forum post and share your thoughts on the topic at hand. Just remember be nice out there.

  11. Do I actually hav to explain why you should be doing this ?!?!?

  12. This can be paired with number 4. Leave them a compliment like wow nice camera work, or nice editing, or even wow your hair is very nice today.

  13. Re visit number 3

  14. Don’t be that person who posts a Byte then leaves. Sit back, relax and watch other peoples work. (I would recommend you check your sats and write down where you’re at for this one)


  16. You know the feeling when someone new follows you. Now it’s your turn to take charge and give the feeling to someone new you like watching and would like to support.

  17. It’s easy to get lost in all the negativity that is happening around us. Take a minute and follow a deep breathing video on youtube or an app or however you’d like. If you do this trust me you’ll find it stupid and pointless the first time or two but once you take it seriously and practice it, it will do you a world of good.

  18. Byte is fun and all but don’t forget your friends and family. Check up on them, hearing your voice could really help them.

  19. It’s easy to mope around all day but trust me you still need to mode. You don’t need to pump iron or anything intense like that even a little walk would do.

  20. see instructions for number 11

  21. Set the mood you know lol. Stimulate your brain with something happy to get you in a brighter head space.

  22. Take time to make a new connection, ask to do a collab or some thing. They may say no but who cares just talk to someone new in general.

  23. Lemme guess you’re a comedy Byter too?? Show people a new side of you and try making a video for category you don’t normally use. You never know, you may may make a new friend.

  24. I know this one could be controversial but hear me out. The blank is for you to put what you think you could reasonably achieve. However if you have been doing all of these things, you should of been getting new followers all along. Throughout this you improved your own content, interacted with others and tried to make new connections too. Not only that but you also tried new things and inevitably met new people just by doing that. On top of all that you gave time to yourself for your mental and physical health and others as well. So theoretically speaking you at minimum found at least one new follower. If not, who cares. Look at all the things you just did.


(Bookmarking…) Probably this took you for a while to craft :face_with_monocle:


Luckily I make tones of things like this for my jobs lol so it wasn’t hard per say to create it but making this post took a solid 2 hours to make without taking in the factor of course the time it took to come up with activities but yeah that’s besides the point cause I know I’ll be using this myself to keep me entertained for the next while at least LOL :joy: