Byte Best Practices (Poll)

Can we get a wiki for creators of the best practices for byte?

Things like:
Best size (X x Y pixels or 16:9 etc)
Best file type to upload (gif, video, mp4)
Best File size (to minimize crashing or fail to upload)
Explanations (and examples) of categories
How to see your stats (and what they mean)
How to follow, rebyte etc.

The support and FAQ are a little sparse at the moment.

Maybe even have a weekly challenge to make bytes showing how to do certain things, and then those become part of the FAQ/tutorial ?


the forum can help with some of the information, otherwise, that’s a great idea for those on byte who aren’t interested in joining the forums.


that’s a +1 from me. Especially the video dimensions, File type/size :+1:


Videos / Images would be better for visual learners/people.

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I agree, this is needed, along with a tutorial and a Support section here in the forum where people can ask questions and find answers about how to use the Byte app.


This is a really cool and creative idea.

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I’ve definitely found some of the answers in the forums, but I’ve had to dig and figure out the best phrasing to use to search.

And even then, it’s not 100% sure that what I am doing is the best way, just it kind of works.

I’ve got a few bytes I wanted to upload, that for whatever reason (file type, size, resolution, no sound, format, etc. ) failed to upload or looked like they did and just :ghost:.

I’m used to that with some of the development and projects I’ve worked on, but the average user has that happen 1 or 2x and they drop the app.

Reducing the pain factor is always a good thing.


I’ve got an app I just upgraded to the paid version, and while the free version has a solid on boarding, the “Pro Tools” version has a couple of icon tool tips and that’s it. Nothing really explaining how to use the multiple new and complex features, or showing the process.

:exploding_head: for me. Like, these are the people paying actual :moneybag: for your app, and you just :man_shrugging: at them and let them flounder?

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Stuff like this but for Byte :slight_smile:

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be in app, but making this info easily available and simple help tremendously. So many creators have so many platforms available now, you need to lower the barrier of entry as much as possible IMHO.

:zombie:‍♂ resurrection!

Ok. Who wants to work with me to make a:
Byte Best Practices Wiki?

Creating content
-from byte camera
—what all the buttons do
—image dimensions for popular programs (procreate, photoshop etc)
—file size (Under X MB)
—file resolution (720p etc)
—How to add audio (do you still have to have sound to add byte beats or even post)

Where to post(channels) and explanation with examples of what works and why it qualifies

How to post
—walk through of the steps to post and troubleshooting (could just link back to the creating content section)

General interface



Profit :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

Seriously though. We need this. Make byte the preferred platform to create and consume content by making at least the basics as easy as possible.

I’m willing to help, are you?

  • Sure!
  • Nope but I like the :bulb:
  • :roll_eyes:
  • :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: off with this

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