Byte beats suggestion

Hey, so today I had the opportunity to use byte beats for the first time. Amazing selection by the way :)! As I was scrolling through the interface though, it was hard to find something that matched the “mood/genre” I was going for in my byte- I had to listen to almost each one as I kept having to scroll down. A suggestion that I thought would be cool would be to categorize or organize the byte beats into moods like “sentimental, energetic, EDM… etc” just to make things easier. Please let me know what you think, and if this was said before sorry!


oo. this would be really helpful honestly!


This would be mad helpful!!!



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This would be great


Yes! Love this idea. Organization is sexy


This girl really said sexy LOL


I think this is a great idea.

I also think it would be a great idea to be able to preview the beat before making a byte so that you can make your byte around the beat instead of vice versa.

As one of the producers for the beats, I’ve started to name the beats based off the vibe, instead of just some random name, which is usually what I do.

I’m excited to see how the beats section evolves!


Bumping this thread back up don’t mind me. But I thought of another idea. It would be amazing if we were notified when new beats were added. Right now, we don’t know if new bytes are added until we go into the bytes section in the app, this would be very useful for creators like me who like to use byte beats in their vids!


+1 This has been suggested by me and others shortly after Byte beats were introduced: categorizing beats based on style or mood. A good example is how royalty-free music sites categorize their music library.


A few ideas regarding byte beats.

  1. It’s awesome how many beats there are now.
  2. There are sooooo many beats now!!!
    -we desperately need a sort by creator, genre, maybe even a length since most of the current beats are 6-8 seconds?
  • search function I’d love to be able to search by the title, lyrics or creator. As an example I was looking for the stay 6 feet away. I wasn’t sure if that was the name, a lyric, and I couldn’t remember who actually made the beat. I was pretty sure it was by abbyiguess or jenandkat b/c I’ve used it before. I still went through about 10 beats before I found it.
    -maybe add the ability to favorite certain beats you use a lot?
  1. This applies to both the beats and the new channels /title thing. Maybe make it so that if someone goes to comment- that’s when they see both the /channel and it shows :musical_note: beat/artist and you can follow the link to the channel or artist?
    -one thing I worry about is how much of the actual byte will be covered up by the caption, the channel, the beat, and general interface. I try to leave space for it in what I create, but there have been a few times I got frustrated by the caption covering up the byte.

  2. What about the ability to like the beat if we think it’s a good beat or even if it’s a good match to the byte?