Byte beats question!

This category is for getting and giving feedback on your bytes.

  • If you’re SEEKING feedback, put that in your topic title.
  • If you’re OFFERING feedback, also make that clear in your topic title.
  • Please don’t offer feedback that someone hasn’t asked for (either by making their own thread or by posting in your thread) :slight_smile:

It takes real vulnerability to participate, so let’s keep feedback kind and constructive.

Are my byte beats I’ve been sending not good?
I haven’t gotten an email.
I would’ve appreciated an email saying “not good enough”

I want to be a beats creator too and haven’t gotten any response on my application. I am going to contribute to make music for byte regardless.

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Hi StutteringCris, I realize you might have moved on from this post, but I’ve been wondering about this as well. Where do you even send byte beats to be evaluated? I don’t expect to have much luck, but I think it’d be fun to participate.