Byte Beats Ideas

Hi Byte Community,

I just wanted to hear your thoughts about the type of music you’d like more of in the beats section.

Since I’m starting on another batch of beats, I thought it would be cool and fun to be a little more interactive with the community.

Let me know what the style/genre of the beat, mood, and what you’d like the beat to be called and I’ll try my best to make some of those happen!


I know a few people that want more rock and roll type beats.

I wouldn’t mind more mellowing and upbeat ones myself


I’ve noticed a majority of them are kinda bubbly and fluffy

I think some like haunting Halloween vibes would be sick to add as an option


I don’t use the beats like that however I’ve tested few beats… but I wish there was a filter for genre but I would like more Bass, Trap, & Latin Beat :hugs:

Let me know when you upload


lofi beats you can study to


I did just submit a couple spooky ones :ghost:

I’m hoping for a more organized sound library also.
I’ve been experimenting with latin beats but the tempo doesn’t work well with the 8 seconds.
I’m curious to see how the beat requirements will evolve if we keep the 16 second bytes.

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Feel free to get creative with the requests though guys. Like if you tell me to make a spooky house beat and name it Fernando, I’ll do it. lol

Good thinking!

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I’d wait just incase if the time duration will be extended. (for Latin Beat)

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I’m thinking something more cinematic would be nice, like a tune you’d find in an action movie :grin: