Byte beats creator not credited when sound used

I used a sound from the byte beats selection in my latest video. I was curious how others were using the sound, so I clicked the icon to watch more videos.

It says that my video is the original sound, which I feel is unfair for the actual creator of it. I’m on android, not sure if this is just how it is, or a bug.

Video I am talking about:


ngl the byte beats r very cringe, some of them r a vibe tho

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Did you upload the video to another app to edit it and then bring it back to byte? If that was the case then the bytebeat would just be read as the audio in your video and not selected from the beats.


Nope I did not, it was selected in the app, the video was originally silent.


A little off topic, but gonna say my thoughts on your comment here.

You can say that about any music in general. Not trying to start any sort of argument, but I think more constructive criticism would be better than saying “it’s cringe.”

What would you like to see of more in byte beats?


My next best guesses would be

  1. Rare bug

  2. The button when choosing sounds was hit and put on a different setting on accident (I don’t touch this)

  3. You were the first person to use the sound after sounds were released as a feature

Either way, credit isn’t really taken from the creator here. If you’re not actively claiming it then it’s just a mistake right? I don’t think byte beat users were getting notifications in the first place. Byte beats is a concept that’s unfortunately not very compatible with sounds. I think they can have more use once more editing tools are available in byte


When selecting a byte beat on the iPhone, it removes the sound icon from the byte itself. It removes the original sound feature all together. I’m assuming this is an android specific thing

I noticed this update within the last week when using byte beats, so the iPhone fix is fairly recent

I hope that beats will be credited in the future to benefit the beat creator, and to help curate all posts using a specific beat. My guess is that will be a future update


This is what I was thinking, because it’s got to be a bug. I don’t see how beat creators would like making beats if they aren’t even getting credit while not getting paid for it.

Could someone who has android as well test this to see if this is a bug?

I’m not going around claiming it as my own, but it would be nice to have the sound not appear as it was my own in the app. I’m sure the beat creators would like to see how their sounds are used as well.


i mean… it is cringe. “dont talk to me or my son” “meow meow” over some beats is just as bad as tiagz’s music. but ill give some constructive criticism

some of the beats sound very generic. there aren’t very diverse, they’re the same style, etc. they arent badly produced, it’s just the sounds themselves. I also suggest that it just stays as beats rather than “meow meow meow meow meow meow” for 6 seconds straight.

if there was a lofi beat sound or smth id use that 24/7

Will tag in test


@TrippyCity it’s come up as the beat being my original sound


Alright guy you got to stop. Even if the beats were subjectively bad you’re not considering CONTEXT. You’re thinking in 2d.

Beats were submitted by artists to create the feature before sounds. They were made and selected to fit the mood of whatever ambiance you wanted, which means there will be high energy and low energy and goofy one. They were created to be used as the only music adding feature on byte when it was only a 6.5 second looping app.

All the music has to be designed to fit in that box criteria and was executed to build the app up.

You passing judgement onto the byte beat feature using today’s standards and available options is like comparing antiquated technology with modern ones. That’s even an extreme thing to say because byte beats are still very versatile.

If you don’t like them, don’t use them, but you sound really bad and out of touch when you try to speak like an authority on the matter.


This is a bug, it’s been posted before by myself and others. Team is aware :+1:

Edit: android bug. Also relates to the bug where despite sound usage being turned off a byte can sometimes have it on after posting and not be able to edit it. I’m sure a fix is coming soon.

Default setting is allow others but it’s always off when I post. Sometimes randomly, and whenever I use a byte beat the sound is available. Can’t edit sound when it’s a beat.


My current work around (not great and obvious) is to take note of what beat you’ve used and credit in comments. The worst of it tbh is that you can’t edit the sound to turn use off. If you could at least do that…


Samsung S9 Android beta.

I tend to tag the creator in the byte

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It’s less about credit than it is about it looking like your own original sound that others can then use. You get paid to make byte beats I think but it’s not fair for “my sound” (their beat) to be used as my creative property.


On the subject of sounds if you use someone’s “original sound” does it wipe over the sound of the video whichever version you use ?

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Fun fact I guess but the audio is actually a reference to super Mario 64



It goes to China.

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I feel like being able to filter by genre would resolve this issue a bit: Byte beats suggestion

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