Byte Beats - adjust volume

So I noticed that currently if you use a byte beat it cancels out your audio. Would it be possible to be able to adjust the volume of the original audio and the byte beat? This way we can make byte beats a bit more usable in the sense that original audio and byte beats can co-exist on a Byte.


Great idea. Wanted to add onto this.

Currently, Byte Beats are applied after the fact. I think what could really improve it would be to allow us to define a set length for the Beat (so let’s say I want this video to go for 5 seconds), and let us record whilst the Beat is playing, so that we can actually align things with the rhythms and stuff. I’ve had a few videos where I had to guess where the beats/counts were, and it took a really long time, and still ends up feeling slightly off.


I 1000% agree on this and was thinking about this too since it came out. It feels like an after thought having it after you filmed you Byte.

Currently the Byte Beats adjust to the length of you video, so it makes sense to have it after. (im not sure it you noticed?) However simple solutions to this is if you select it first you could

  1. Select the speed the beat plays (so putting a time limit)
  2. leaving it to play normally and just accepting the fact that the audio won’t loop (sometimes your vid doesn’t have to loop anyways)

Yup the beat is “elastic” in that it will always loop the video. I think if you can pre-define the beat (which I think is your option 1), it would be best. I think for the sake of a viewer’s experience, the beats should always loop. It’s Byte’s strong point, after all!


i get what you’re saying about having original audio and the byte beat at the same time but i feel like the whole point is that they do loop so if they didn’t it wouldn’t really make sense anymore

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Yeah @Lacieyl said the same thing which I totally agree too I’m just shooting ideas lol the reason I said it is cause sometimes your video is shorter then 6 seconds but would go well with the music however the music speeds up if it’s not a full video so then the beat no longer flows with the video which is also not ideal


yeah they are some bytes I have in mind that the sound would work way better in sync with the beats. For now I will just wait until a fix is out but for now I can manage with what I got planned or release what I want just adding music externally.

tbh this would be pretty dope if they did it. but as with all features it will take time. im sure they’re working on it

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Bumping this. I just want to echo @Acadrien and @lacieyl. I would love to utilize beats more as background music without getting rid of audio altogether. And it would be great for comedic purposes if I could let them drop out before the whole Byte is over or start late.


I agree with the bump lol

This is a great idea. I really hope this gets picked up.