Byte badges?

I’m not sure if any of you have used the app Bkstg but it’s an app for fandoms and users are able to earn badges for simple things much like here on the forums. It could be a cool concept to incorporate the same into Byte but idk. Let me know if y’all would think that’s cool👍🏼 or just annoying🤢


That’s a very cool idea, and even talked about briefly by dom in a different topic.


I like this idea


Now here I am wondering why can’t I ever think of good ideas like this one…


Definitely, nothing better than a sense of achievement…but don’t overdo it

Something between the forums and YouTube’s play button would be good

Find a right balance


Yeah, there could be different badges or achievement status symbols in followers (or subscribers, whatever they’ll be called) and number of times looped. And maybe you could get a badge for making it to #1 on the popular posts section a certain number of times.

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The number of times looped would be such a cool idea especially if they include the date you earned them so you could look back at how far you’ve come

yesss i love the inserting the date achieved factor,

def milestone vibes

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