Byte Badges and Achievements to collect

I have an idea for a possible feature for future byte updates.
I reckon that adding a badge or achievements collection for users to collect for completing certain tasks or earning milestones such as a follower milestone or roles like admins or moderators.
I don’t know about you guys but to me it would sound like a pretty interesting feature to add for people to collect for fun. The byte community forums already has a badge and achievement feature which I find pretty fun to collect. Do you guys find this idea interesting aswell? Let me know.


Here’s something I suggested ages ago

ooo I could see this being something you could earn with stars too!

That would be epic :fire:

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This is a bit different but what if they gave award plates kinda like YouTube does for their creators
10k carbon fiber plate
100k Silver plate
1M Gold plate
10M sapphire +emerald +ruby plate
I feel like this would be so dope and would be fun and Motivating to do

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Yo that is also a pretty cool idea too and it’s so fun to collect achievements on platforms and physical ones are lit too :fire:

It would also be cool if you could feature the badges you collect on your profile

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If we’re gonna do follower milestone badges why not just do followers? I get having badges for other milestones though

True but I mean it is kinda like a thing for users to grind for I guess so people would be motivated

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I heard byte badges and achievements are coming, stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue:

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Omg imagine getting like legit plaques or things to hang on ur wall wayy in the future from byte.



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Epic idea