Byte Avatars

Hello, everyone!
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, so I’ll be on the fourm again! Anyways, I had an idea, and I really wanted to talk about this and I never had the time. What if there was something like Bitmoji, but more cartoonish and has pastel colors and stuff? I was thinking about Byte Avatars! I like to call them Byatars. That be really cool, something like the new Xbox Avatars? This would be awesome. Thanks everyone, see you later! :wave:

UPDATE: I had a idea of what it should look like. @michael made theseScreenshot 2020-02-07 at 11.16.05 PM
I also had another idea if these became a thing, in fact another idea!
What if there was a virtual world for Byte, that had those avatars! Something like those Snapchat games?


İt’s a good idea

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Or alternatively, your title made me think of what if the app auto-generated simple customizations for new user avatars until they upload a picture? Like maybe they keep the :slight_smile: avatar but the gradient and color overlay and somehow auto generated to give casual users more identity?


one request: if there was something like this please make it look better than bitmoji bc bitmoji scare me with their soulless eye and uncanny valley smiles.

Totally wouldnt need to actually look like these, but for some examples of custom emoji things that arent Bad:

Google keyboard has these things, i like the second one more than the first but both are cuteish.

Another example of user avatars that are more cute than ugly are miis

In any case i assume they have higher priorities, but if in the future they considered it it could be cool

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Seems pretty difficult to do with a small staff and so many options to make for so many different features. But who knows… @michael :eyes:


I agree! I personally don’t like Bitmoji’s art style but the google keyboard one you showed looks pretty good.

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K so like i said before I think if they ever do decide to add st like this itll be a long ways away, mostly cause they will likely be prioritizing basic features before getting to any sort of fun extras like this, BUT i just thought of some really good names in case they ever do something like this down the line:

  • ByteMe-s, or some variation of that
  • ittybits/tidbits cause ya know, bits and bytes

@ byte team ppl feel free to steal these amazing names in 3 years, so long as the avatars are cute and not ugly, thx.

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i was thinking about what michael made on his twitter. something like these? @michaelScreenshot 2020-02-07 at 11.16.05 PM

Oh yeah, that style is super cute!

I think a super cartoony and stylized look would be the way to go if you wanna avoid making it weird uncanny valley, so yeah, something like that would be cool! Theres a ton of specific styles you could use for this of course, and they could get really creative with it, but that direction is definitely a good option

I was thinking of a name like Bytevatars

no, like characters you can customize.