Byte Artists - Thread collection [wiki]

Keeping this brief as to not waste your time. @Insyde did a general thread for byte users, so I decided to create one specifically for artists so we can discover each other! I’ll be updating this semi-regularly as time goes by.

Want to be added? Reply with your byte username below and you’ll see it pop up eventually!


@pixel_art - promoting pixel artists and credibility on the daily!

@Demographick - “CEO of Creepy Art” speaks for itself.

@sparkle - cartoony rendered objects/animations.

@tinyworlds - cute/cartoony 3D art.

@muimui - anime/cartoony digital art.

@waalkr - traditional/digital art and animation.

@zalefairytale - cartoony 3D art.

@hoipoi - anime/cartoony digital art.

@tobisteatime - realistic digital art.

@Ash_Mask - traditional art.

@David - digital art and animation.

@evanhilton - stop motion and animation.

@jonkk - motion design and animation.

@lychie - digital art.

@whistlegraph - traditional “interactive” art.

@yendraws - digital art and animation.

@RobertSimons - digital art.

@thick.nugget - traditional art.

@yelldesign - stop motion art.

@skoobasart - digital art.

@DukeStudio - motion design and animation.

@Paarsec - graphic design and 3d art.

@YemaYema - 3d art.

@maddhattpatt - 3d art.

@kevinbparry - stop-motion and animation.

@Lowpolycurls - 3d art.

@archival - experimental/footage art.

Quick note: If you feel as if your description is incorrect, please message me and I’ll get it sorted!

Updated: 2020-01-27


My username is @archival and I source interesting footage (home movies, broadcasts, etc.) from around the web and edit them into fragmented Bytes.


omg i’m on the list! :heart:

here’s a few to add to the list:

DukeStudio - motion design & animation
Paarsec - Graphic designer & 3d artist
YemaYema - 3d artist
maddhattpatt - 3d artist
kevinbparry - stop-motion
Lowpolycurls - 3d artist

Awesome thread, thanks for starting this! :+1:


@archival added!

@jonkk Thanks! Added all of the creators, thank you for the contribution :heart:


This is so cool @pixel_art ! Thanks for this!


No problemo! I’d love to see the platform grow for artists, just doing my part c:

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@txh LoFi and chill beats with some visuals :slight_smile:

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Love it! My info below.

@GrahamOfLegend - Game Development & Motion Graphics

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Id love to be added to this list! I do all types of multimedia from electronic music w/ visuals, motion graphics, 3D, vfx, edits, graphic design etc.! Using Byte as a way to build on my skills and try new things, id love to grow and collaborate with you all!


@TigerpixieArt - Fantasy Cat Artist Carrie Hawks

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@TilacusX doin some comedic flash animations and maybe clip studio animations in the future


aa sweet idea dude! i’m jazz @ jazzmakingstuff & i do digital & traditional art!!!

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@indiscretion - I make clothing and accessories and also work with BJD.

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List needs to be updated

Ms.Magenta… I am a painter :sweat_smile:

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Awesome! The more artists, the merrier! Gonna go check you out rn.

byte: GrahamOfLegend

My username is krillblr and am an artist/animator. I do post more thing outside of art like stakeboarding and guitar.