Byte app updates (ongoing)

hello! we’re going to use this thread going forward to keep you posted on what will be in the next version of byte — for this upcoming release and subsequent versions

before we launched we used to use regular bulletins for this, but the truth is we don’t always have something meaningful to share every 2-3 weeks, so we’ll reserve bulletins for when they make sense in the future and instead use this thread for app updates


there is currently an app update in review for iOS and android:

  • various bug fixes and improvements following the channels update
  • if one of your posts is moderated inside a channel, a notification will show up inside the notifications tab and you’ll receive a push
  • added an option that allows you to permanently delete your account (we previously did this manually, upon request)

we’ll reply to this thread when the update is approved and share details about the next one


the update mentioned above was approved and is being pushed out to the stores. should be available in a few hours

the next version of byte will contain these updates:

  • adds a bell icon to profiles that allows you to subscribe to people and get notifications when they make new posts
  • adds a button that allows you to hide posts you don’t like
  • adds a walkthrough that introduces channels for new users and people who aren’t following channels