Byte app themes

What if the app had themes, some would go along with the look and feel of the custom byte icons, and since the app is about creativity, user-submitted app themes. There should be for example, Vyte icon and Vyte theme look like vine, maybe videos rescaled into a box and have the app look like vine with byte icons. The rescaling will be optional, of course tho


I think this is probably too complicated to make sense, plus I think this is the only icon that would make any sense, how would a chalk theme work yknow. I don’t mind the idea of squaring videos but sometimes it would just crop out important parts of videos lol


True, but user-generated content could also work for the app, and contests could be held where users have to design a theme around the icon, and submit it, and the best one gets added

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You can already choose from a wide variety of colors for your profile. I doubt there will be themes that change the interface this much, it would make providing support much harder if the interface is different depending on the theme you’re using.