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So… Samsung Unpacked Event was quite something, I’ll leave it at that.

So there will be 4 phones before I get into that one special phone let’s talk about the 3 others. We have the Samsung Galaxy S10e ($749), Samsung Galaxy S10 ($899) and Samsung Galaxy S10+ ($999) and I have nothing much to say, their great phones and love the improvements added to them. My problem isn’t their usual lineup, it’s you guessed it (or maybe you didn’t) The Galaxy Fold.

(WARNING: Rant, feel free to skip this paragraph I kind of got ahead of myself due to this perplexing product):
This is a confusing product, it seems like this device belongs in beta but oh no Samsung said let’s just get it out to consumers. Their basically using us as lab rats (although I don’t see a lot of people buying the Fold anyway, but still it’s out there & will be available for anyone just like the Galaxy S10 phones) and The Galaxy Fold is $1,980!!! I love Samsung & their innovation and everything but I don’t understand how I can be excited for this thing and I’m sorry but just the simple argument of “it folds” isn’t good enough for me. This thing isn’t a better phone OR a tablet. You can buy a iPhone XR and new iPad Pro and still have $$ left over, not an iOS person that’s fine because you can buy one of Samsung’s other better phones & a Tab S4 and still have $$ left over. I think if you wanted a tablet, you can just get a tablet & when you wanna use a phone you’d use your smartphone. What’s hard about that? It’s easy, cheap and works.

no one:
samsung: hey, you know what? let’s make a foldable phone just because!

Took a lot of time to get to the point of this post lol but I cannot lie having a foldable display really does kinda open a wide range of opportunities especially developers. That really is what I’m very interested to see how developers going to take advantage of this.

One thing that comes up is will Byte be supported on the Galaxy Fold…

I’m dubious but also curious to see where this takes us.


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i’d say this goes more under ideas & feature requests


well its about byte and samsung, i dont see too many ideas involved

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it’s a feature request because of ‘galaxy fold’. byte could have a feature on it

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i just wanna if Byte will even be on The Galaxy Fold, i’m sure the team is working hard on normal androids like the regular Galaxies but The Fold isn’t a normal Galaxy so I was just interested & curious if the app would be available on it & if it’d be any good on something like The Fold.

Byte is gonna be on android AND iphone. I think Samsung’s OS is closer to android🤔

i’m sure it’ll be available on it :grin: dom will be keeping up with the latest devices for sure


i know and i’m sure there won’t be any problem with the regular galaxies but i’m strictly focusing on the Galaxy Fold, i can’t wait for it to be released simply to see what developers are going to do with it, i presume it won’t be the easiest thing to work on but yeah as for samsung’s more regular phones those should work fine but i feel like android is harder to code for in general just cuz there’s so many manufacturers making android devices, developing for iOS is definitely easier i’m not sure if you code or not. But yeah this post was just all about the Galaxy Fold on the Byte app.

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I’m hoping for the best but I’m not sure if Byte V1 will be on the Galaxy Fold. But probably for the future. The Byte Team works hard everyday to make sure EVERYBODY can enjoy the app.


byte will work on phones and tablets. foldable phones just mean 2 different screen ratios to account for. it’s not a feature like “3d touch” or being able to squeeze your phone


ahh okay that makes sense


There’s also another 2 phones that you skipped :eyes::eyes:. 5G S10 and 5G S10+

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it’s not really phone, it’s a feature haha. it’s the same phone but with 5G but don’t waste your money on that, it’s not worth it yet. To take advantage of the speed and extra capacity 5G offers, Samsung hopes that we’ll all buy the new Galaxy S10 5G. The phone is a larger S10, with a bigger screen, longer-lasting battery and, crucially, a 5G modem. But there are two issues with this, one of which is the sheer lack of 5G infrastructure currently operational.

By the time the handset debuts on Verizon, 5G will be usable in a handful of big cities, like Houston, LA and Sacramento, California, where Big Red offers 5G broadband. The company has announced that by the end of 2019, 5G will be available in 30 American cities.
If you’re hoping to use the phone across the US, you’ll have to wait two to three years to do so. That’s how long it took to get 4G to the majority of American cities, and by that point you’ll want to upgrade anyway

Besides, 5G isn’t so much about adding more capability to the cellular network as correcting 4G’s technical flaws – issues like high latency and low bandwidth, which make the service progressively worse the more users there are in an area. OpenSignal claims that LTE download speeds can drop by up to 20 Mbps during periods of heavy demand. 5G’s selling point is “the speeds you shoulda been getting all along!” but imagine seeing that on a billboard.

The 5G versions are different hardware. :eyes:

They are the same name, different model numbers.

They are not the typical S10/S10+

And yeah tight now it’s not worth it.

I won’t be looking for a new phone until 5G is snugly operational anyways. Mines fairly new


Someone probably already said this, but all of Samsung’s phones run a heavily modified version of Android and the Galaxy Fold is no different. Byte should work just fine on the Fold in folded, unfolded full screen, and unfolded windowed mode. The price of the Galaxy Fold is not too bad considering it has 12GB of RAM, a 64-bit Octa-Core processor, and 6 cameras. For comparison, my laptop has 6GB of RAM and a 64-bit Quad-Core processor and can run The Sims 4 at full quality just fine. If you thought $1,980 was insane, take a look at the ~$2,600 Huawei Mate X.