Byte_app official instagram activity

So no clue if this will be done or nah but I havent posted here in a hot minute and figured I may as well contribute like the good ole days.

Why aren’t we active on instagram. We have 15k followers who are there for nothing. It seems like a really good authentic advertising opportunity thats free, and is also a way to feature creators in a positive way. What struck my fancy is that I kept seeing ads from zynn but never gave them much thought because it was an ad, but I was just scrolling through reels and saw a video I wanted to comment on and noticed it was from their profile.

With how many people are passionate about byte im sure you could even find community sponsored moderators that would repost videos on there for free. Just a thought.


I’ll follow. I would’ve never thought byte had a insta.

I’m surprised 15k people follow an empty account… I’m willing to guess that a lot of people followed the app waiting for the vine successor and seeing its live or seeing an active byte page might want to make them give the app another look


I’ll say again,


Ok fine Zac. I have no experience but I’ll do it. I’m awaiting the official paperwork


They should only post if a new major feature is released. Instagram is kinda a dud for most companies that’s why many prefer Twitter

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I wouldn’t say that. A lot of people use Instagram especially for memes and funny videos. It would be good for announcements too, but just highlighting creators videos could get us more authentic traffic while also being a free advertisement that doesn’t look as invasive as the other ones. Honestly I can’t think of a reason on why not to just use it, it will be no effort for the possible benefits you get out of it, and the way you can see account statistics you will be able to SEE if its working and if you are actually wasting the minimal amount of time it would take.


Yeah, They Should post things on Instagram, and it would be amazing for the marketing on byte on my opinion. :fire::fire::fire::fire:

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Byte should Post on Instagram and You Tube. So many people don’t know about this app, yet and that’s True.
Byte also should work on making an Instagram page where it also promotes byte and also a place where they show the best content of byte, as Tik Tok does on its IG page. That would be my recommendation, and it’s :key: in marketing, in my personal opinion.

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Yeah a official YouTube page with a best of compilation would be good but that would require more time and attention imo than just reposting to reels

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This post has good points i’ve been doing this marketing thing a long time, repetition builds recognition and you cant branch out without advertising to your market. Just idle waiting for your audience to find you can take eons. They keep saying they aren’t ready and the platform isn’t ready. Yet they adapt on the fly to crazy tiktok requests for channels and all kinds of crazy crap, find a marketer that is just as nimble and you be just fine. IMHO :peace_symbol:

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Someone could do it without any problem.

It doesn’t take a lot of time, maybe a hall day, but they have a big Team to do it, as a lot of people make different things for the app.




Ayyeee byte is now live on insta, I hope we can see it kept up!!


Byte about to blow up :rocket:

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periodt purr

you’re so powerful :pleading_face:


BYTE again with the logos, who are you? PICK ONE.


Haha lol welp now they’re active lol. Their page gave me a big creative inspirational idea.


I just hope we get some A class vids on there soon :smiling_imp: