Byte app Brand Abassadors?

Okay, so I noticed on most gaming platforms and I am not sure if this is just particularly a gaming platform tradition or not but they use this program called an ambassador program. People who represent the community by making the platform safe for everyone and also attending company run events and helping the companies team in any way. I feel like such a program would work wonders with byte because we're such a community-run platform and all about raising each other up and supporting each other along the way. So I really do think that byte could benefit from a brand ambassador program by
  • Giving the ambassadors the ability to keep byte a safe place and potentially combat follow for follow or rebyte for rebyte etc

  • More opportunities for people to reach out and ask for help from people who are more informed about byte and can reach out here on the forums or other ways to understand what they need to know.

  • Being active at company-run events in helping set it up or be a part in some way

  • Assisting the beta testers with input on bugs or issues that could be negatively impacting the app and user experience.

  • Ways to use the star system in a way to become an ambassador or rank in the ambassador system as a potential use for the star system

and overall a really active user who loves byte and loves the community every day and always enjoys helping make byte and it’s community a better and safer place. This can be shown by the way they grow on the star system and also I think to become an ambassador you must go through a serious test of an application process to make no bad apples would get in to badly represent byte and it’s community because after all an ambassador is supposed to represent their retrospective brand fairly well.

So that’s my thoughts on why we should use an ambassador program and how I think it could benefit us in so many ways. Not only could it help the community for sure but also help the team spot out any potential problems and help beta testers find issues way more faster! If you have any questions feel free to ask because I’d love input on my idea right here! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t that essentially be the mods?


actually no because a brand ambassador is someone strictly designated as representing the brand publicly and helping out like a water boy on the basketball team. They do not have the power to remove anyone etc. Think of them as a jury on a court case.


on the forums, this program exists through the form of experts.

(they are nominated mainly automatically, however, in very rare cases, they can be awarded this badge by admin staff)

here are some of the features that experts are entitled to that can also be used on the app:

experts have the right to many features which cannot be accessed by those who are level 2 (members), level 1 (basic members), and unranked (new members). they are also recognised for their popularity, positive attitude and frequent activity, hence why they have the title.

i’d love to see all of this implemented on the app!


no, mods are nominated through an application process and are essentially based on the forums - not the app.


unrelated but the formatting of this post makes it really hard to read and i thought you should know.


nice yeah I love the way they implement the exper feature here! It definitely would be cool though if the expert feature was expanded upon too. Like say you become an ambassador for the brand itself and assist those who don’t use the forums but also you can assist people on the forums if you would like. It would be interesting to see how such a feature could grow! :smile:


I know yeah I don’t know what happened. I don’t know why the first paragraph is scroll through… I didn’t intentionally do that so Idk what happened I am gonna continue looking into it.


I kinda like this idea but it would require like a lot of screening/selection, but I’ve seen it work on discord, so I don’t see why hypothetically it couldn’t work here


it has gone horrifically on discord.

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Has it? Not that I know of (given I am one)


Not just discord but generally like Microsoft, Nintendo and play station have these ambasadors that get involved in things like pop up shops to tech users about their services and such. Nintendo for example has started doing pop up shops for the switch in airports using brand ambassadors to spread the word. so its 50/50 depending on the circumstance. Sometimes you might even get free marketing through a group of experts sharing their knowledge that might interest someone.

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