Byte and beta

hey y’all ! i haven’t been on the forums since october 19. there is a lot going on with the byte (?) and the beta app. can someone fill me in, please ? i tried reading the threads but i don’t fully understand.

thank you !:smiley:


What would you like to know?


what is the byte ? when is the beta app coming out and who is on that list ?

Spring 2019, and everyone who registered a forum account before these two topics were created
Followup Beta Signup, and 24-hour beta signup starts now, and replied to them will be on the list.

also “the byte?” :thinking:


byte is the name of the Vine successor app. There is no date set for the beta.
If you put your device name and OS in the beta thread you will get in.

And honestly there are a lot of topics covering this and you could have come up with those answers with 10 minutes of reading.

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thank you so much for the information !!:sparkles:

Be sure to search topics before creating a new one. Thanks.